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Summer Olympics Games 2020 Opening Ceremony Flag Bearers


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5 minutes ago, Triplecast said:

:JPN  Rui Hachimura Basketball and Washington Wizards. Yui Susaki Wrestling

Already added but thanks for the confirming link  :yes

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:IND India 


MC Mary Kom (Boxing) 


World Champion (2002,2005,2006,2008,2010,2018)

Asian Games Champion (2014)

CWG champion (2018)


Member of Parliament, The Upper House


Nick name : Magnificent Mary 



Manpreet Singh (Hockey) 


Captain of Indian Hockey Team 


Asian games 2014 gold, 2018 bronze. 







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These names weren't actually discussed in media recently with Sindhu even talking about how it would be as a flagbearer , maybe some scheduling issues or something with her, this will be the final flagbearer choice for India.



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When Iran announced just one flagbearer for the Games, I wasn't sure if they simply ignored Bach's stupid advice or they simply weren't aware of that. (that's completely possible with Iranian officials, sometimes they don't just read letters)

unfortunately it seems they just didn't know that. and now Iran is considering having two flagbearers at the Games :facepalm: they already announced the name of two flagbearers for the Paralympics.

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