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Wrestling UWW Asian Championships 2019


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First day finalists


57 :IRI Atri vs :PRK Kang

65 :IND Bajrang vs :KAZ Okassov

70 :KAZ Kaipanov vs :JPN Shiga

79 :IRI Teymouri vs :IND Rana

97 :IRI Yazdani vs :MGL Batzul


UWW is just terrible. they had a livestream for the competition but that wasn't in their website. only people like me could find that :facepalm: less than 10 people were watching that thanks to UWW ! and that live stream stopped working right before the semifinals . :wall:


Iran will have 3 in the final and 2 in bronze medal match. 3 finalists is a good result but they really didn't impress me. Yazdani and Teymouri were huge gold medal favorites before the start and Atri had a very easy draw, still he won his semifinal just 2-1 ! Biabani losing to Bajrang was expected. still he was terrible. and I don't know how the hell Emami managed to lose 12-2 to some Kazakh wrestler I never heard of him before. I have to watch this one again when they upload the whole competition on youtube. Iran is very weak in 65-70-74 and they are trying so many new wrestlers in different tournaments and they are all failing. I'm afraid we won't even qualify for the Olympics in these two Olympic weights. :(

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First day medalists



1. :IRI Atri

2. :PRK Kang

3. :UZB Shavkatov & :JPN Takahashi



1. :IND Bajrang

2. :KAZ Okassov

3. :PRK Kim & :IRI Biabani



1. :KAZ Kaipanov

2. :JPN Shiga

3. :CHN Yuan & :IRI Emami



1. :IRI Teymouri

2. :IND Rana

3. :KGZ Nasirov & :KAZ Usserbayev



1. :IRI Yazdani

2. :MGL Batzul

3. :IND Kadian & :KAZ Yergali

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with Ghasempour and Karimi highly favorite for the gold tomorrow, I think Iran will win the team title for sure. the biggest surprise today was Atri winning the gold. this guy is unpredictable. sometimes he makes you think he is the next world champion and then few minutes later he loses to someone random. winning gold in 57kg in Asia is a huge achievement. I hope that improves his confidence. Yazdani has some shaky moments but he came back strongly in the final against tough Mongolian wrestler. and for Teymouri it wasn't that hard.


I can say Uzbekistan is here with almost B team (with few exceptions like Shavkatov) but the rest are here more or less with A teams. of course they all are missing 1-2 big names. for Iran we obviously didn't send our best in 3 weights but this is almost our best available team. in 65, 70 and 74 our coaches are trying different wrestlers in different tournaments to find out who is the best. I'm afraid none of them are convincing so far.

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51 minutes ago, Federer91 said:

I think there was no doubt, that Iran would win the team title. :d


Iran didn't win the title last year :d  not even in Greco


PS: I have to say it was wrong saying Uzbekistan is a B team here. they had Novruzov and Khasanov today (both didn't medal) I think they are only missing Abdurakhmanov and Ibragimov. also their big guy Modzmanashvili is now suspended for his doping back in 2012 Olympics..

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2nd day finalists


61 :IRI Ehsanpour vs :CHN Liu

74 :IND Dhankar vs :KAZ Kaisanov

86 :IRI Ghasempour vs :KGZ Gamidgadzhiev

92 :IRI Karimi vs :IND Vicky

125 :IRI Mohebbi vs :CHN Deng


we had only one close match today and youngster Nokhodi lost that one in last 30 seconds to India :wall: Ehsanpour, Ghasempour, Karimi and Mohebbi they all won all of their matches either by superiority or fall. Ghasempour and Karimi will win the gold for sure, this is really a shame that all of our best wrestlers are in the same weight ! (Karimi is a 86kg wrestler) both Karimi and Ghasempour will miss the Olympics because of Hassan Yazdani. it won't be that easy for Ehsanpour and Mohebbi they both will face China. this  chinese guy Liu impressed me before in Worlds U23 and Deng is a world silver medalist but still I believe Ehsanpour and Mohebbi will be the favorite here.

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Second day medalists



1. :IRI Ehsanpour

2. :CHN Liu

3. :IND Aware & :JPN Fujita



1. :KAZ Kaisanov

2. :IND Dhankar

3. :MGL Otgonbayar & :IRI Nokhodi



1. :IRI Ghasempour

2. :KGZ Gamidgadzhiev

3. :IND Punia & :MGL Gankhuyag



1. :IRI Karimi

2. :IND Viky

3. :CHN Sun & :JPN Matsumoto



1. :IRI Mohebbi

2. :CHN Deng

3. :IND Sumit & :KOR Kim

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Greco 1st day finalists


55 :UZB Bakhromov vs :JPN Katagiri

63 :UZB Tasmuradov vs :CHN Tuo

77 :KOR Kim vs :IND Gurpreet

87 :IRI Nouri vs :IND Sunil

130 :IRI Ghasemi-Monjazi vs :UZB Abdullaev


the level is much better in Greco-Roman comparing to freestyle. we had lots of World medalists here.

as for Iran, we could have 4 in the final. now we have 2 and also 3 in bronze medal match. Saman Abdevali dominated the Chinese wrestler for the entire 6 minutes but had two stupid mistakes gave up 6 pts and lost it 6-4. Khedri at 55 also lost a comfortable 4-0 lead to Bakhromov 4-4 by a dubious caution in 2nd period. at 77 Geraei lost 8-0 to Olympic Champion Kim HW. of course the match wasn't one-sided as the final score indicates but Geraei really has to learn to respect his opponents sometimes. his open defense sometimes costs him a lot. but the best result of the day belongs to Ghasem-Monjazi, he teched the world bronze medalist from Korea in 30 seconds. Nouri also made it to the final despite being a bit out of shape. he beat Assakalov in process.


so far the team title is between Iran, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan will have 5 wrestlers in bronze medal match ! also impressive day for India, both of their finalists came from behind and pinned their Kazakhstani opponents in semifinal. both of them will be heavily underdog in the final though . also great day for Uzbekistan. 3 in the final and Assakalov for the bronze.

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6 minutes ago, MHSN said:

also impressive day for India, both of their finalists came from behind and pinned their Kazakhstani opponents in semifinal.


Never expected our GR wrestlers to reach the final. Great performance by Gurpreet & Sunil. Prem will be fighting for Bronze in 130kg

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