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[OFF TOPIC] Your Own Excercise Thread


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As a curling player (8 national medals etc) I am planning to improve my physical level during the off-season in the summer.



 PBs going in to the summer:

bench press: 110 kg

squat: 132.5 kg

clean and jerk: 65kg

pull ups: 12

dips: 22

3000m running: 11:39

5000m running: 21:52

10 000m running: 45.58


curling singles skills event: 86 (out of 96 points)



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Well. Ended out just following the people around me. Meant that I wouldn't be going for negative splits but a more even pace.

Felt a bit hot during the first half hour or so, but luckily I started out with a bottle that I could just throw away at the first water depot.

After the 18 km mark it felt like a bit too much. I walked for 100m or so twice. And yet I managed to go below the 2 hour mark!

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