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Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018


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52 minutes ago, thepharoah said:

Their parents were immigrants , the point is if u accept immigrants when they contribute to country's success , u have also to accept them all the way as long as they don't harm the country in any way , for example i heard that Lukaku said some people in Belgium when he scores they say the Belgian and when he doesn't, then he's Congolese 


English media postulate applied :d  Andy Murray winning - he's British, when losing he's Scottish 

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18 hours ago, NikolaB said:

You need to change your attitude and just start to cheer for Asia cuz you are Algerian and majority of Algerian population have Arabian ancestry. And Arabs come from Asia and conquest northern Africa. So you are African immigrant. Simply as that. :coffee:


We are Numidian here O9Y3.gif.7d32fb278f7ba4c3655d11342f0b4f26.gif

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