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Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

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2 ore fa, OlympicsFan ha scritto:

The big difference is that Germany has a lot of great young talents and will have no problem to be a contender again in 4 years, while Italy and the Netherlands have been shit for a long time and don't have much promise, that's also why german fans can take those provocations as what they are: An attempt to hide the fact that those countries have become irrelevant in today's football and that it is very likely to stay that way.

Yeah, you have a great talent and a nice team! You will win the 2018 World Cup! 

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Funfact, you can unscramble both country codes to make the word "Airbus".

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Hopefully Colombia will win this group. Otherwise England and Belgium probably will both try their best to lose tonight's game (2nd placed team in Group G would face Sweden or Switzerland in quarterfinals).

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Dear OlympicFan,

I fear that the one who should learn History is you, the REAL history (even of the thirties), trying to behave in a better fair-play mode and show some respect, if not for my "jurassic" age, at least for my (although scarce) world knowledge, as I have a Ph.D. in classical languages and Hispanic-American literature, I have been living many years in South-America and I can also read and speak your wonderful language, besides knowing very well your splendid Country; I hope you can help me in avoiding every time to cite the sentence of one of the most prestigious Italian sports writers - Gianni Brera - who once wrote something like: ..."it's true that the Germans are really the best in everything - athletics,football,philosophy,classical music,literature,organization - but perhaps their problem is that they claim that other peoples admit it ... bowing in front of them" !

Even your comments about athletics are often not inspiring for someone like me who have attended LIVE 7 World Championships and 4 Olympic Games and has been a subscriber of Leichtathletik for thirty-five years and member of ATFS... 

Anyway, be sure that I will answer in a placid way to every insult, but I will NEVER ignore any comment; wrong things must be fought-off, like the comment of ThiagoSimoes (who probably has not understood the meaning of "pontificatore"), who insults me ("cuzão", even if I don't have a big booty, is definitely an insult, as he might not remember that I studied Portuguese in my University, I have been living in Brazil for many years and I have a girlfriend of Minas Gerais - unfortunately not young and beautiful as the

Heywoodu's one ... !-)

Finally I would like to remind all my "pontificatori" that it's a good-natured "apelido" (epithet) and it's even a compliment (I call my girlfriend "pontificatrice"); once again, be sure that I will always reply WITHOUT OFFENDING, whenever I read some biased or offensive comment against me, my Country or some other Nation which does not deserve nasty words ! BUT I will definitely reply.



Dear Heywoodu, I hope your Girlfriend brought you some "acerola" (great drink "laranja - your favorite colour ... - com acerola") and/or "açaí na tigela" !

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2 minutes ago, bestmen said:

i don't think that POL will create the same surprise as Korea


I don't think an already eliminated Poland beating Japan would be even remotely comparable to South Korea beating a Germany that still was fighting for survival.

Edited by heywoodu
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