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Non-Olympic Countries and Territories Thread


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I made this thread for all discussions, questions and breaking news about countries and territories that aren't IOC members; whether it's Bougainville's attempts to become independent, the Faroe Islands trying to join the IOC, Vatican City's athletics team, or a small island competing in organized sport for the first time. 


To track where everyone is I made a list here. The list includes all countries and dependencies with some kind of population (going off of ISO codes mostly) and I will be updating it as statuses change. "Competing Internationally" means they're active on an international sporting level – either part of a multi-sport Games or an international sport federation.


Countries Competing Internationally:

  • :ABK Abkhazia (CONIFA, unrecognized)
  • :NKR Artsakh (CONIFA, unrecognized)
  • :RNC Northern Cyprus (CONIFA, unrecognized)
  • :ESH Sahrawi Republic (CONIFA, unrecognized)
  • :SML Somaliland (CONIFA, unrecognized)
  • :RSO South Ossetia (CONIFA, unrecognized)
  • :VAT Vatican City (UCI, World Taekwondo)

Countries Not Competing Internationally:

  • :MOM Sovereign Order of Malta (no sporting activity)
  • :TRA Transnistria (former CONIFA member, unrecognized)

Territories Competing Internationally:

  • :ALA Åland Islands (Island Games)
  • :AIA Anguilla (Commonwealth Games, FIFA, World Athletics)
  • :BOE: Bonaire (CONCACAF)
  • :CUR Curacao (CACSO Games, FIFA, FINA)
  • :FAL Falkland Islands (Commonwealth Games, ICC)
  • :FAR Faroe Islands (Island Games, FIFA, FINA)
  • :FRG French Guiana (CACSO Games, CONCACAF)
  • :PYF French Polynesia (Pacific Games, FIFA, World Athletics)
  • :GIB Gibraltar (Commonwealth Games, FIFA, World Athletics)
  • :GRL Greenland (Island Games, IHF, IBU)
  • :GDL Guadeloupe (CACSO Games, CONCACAF)
  • :GUE Guernsey (Commonwealth Games, ICC)
  • :ISM Isle of Man (Commonwealth Games, ICC)
  • :JRS Jersey (Commonwealth Games, ICC)
  • :MAC Macau (Asian Games, FIFA, World Athletics)
  • :MTQ Martinique (CACSO Games, CONCACAF)
  • :MTS Montserrat (Commonwealth Games, FIFA, World Athletics)
  • :MYT Mayotte (Indian Ocean Games)
  • :NCL New Caledonia (Pacific Games, FIFA)
  • :NIU Niue (Commonwealth Games, World Rugby)
  • :NFK Norfolk Island (Commonwealth Games, FIBA, World Athletics)
  • :NMI Northern Marianas (Pacific Games, AFC, World Athletics)
  • :REU Reunion (Indian Ocean Games)
  • :SAB Saba Island (NORCECA)
  • :STH Saint Helena (Commonwealth Games, ICC)
  • :FRA Saint Martin (CONCACAF)
  • :SEU Sint Eustatius (NORCECA)
  • :SMA Sint Maarten (CACSO Games, CONCACAF, FINA)
  • :TOK Tokelau (Pacific Games, ITTF)
  • :TCI Turks and Caicos Islands (Commonwealth Games, FIFA, World Athletics)
  • :WAF Wallis and Futuna (Pacific Games, ITTF)

Territories Not Competing Internationally:

  • :GBR Akrotiri and Dhekelia (local football clubs)
  • :ART Antarctica (transient population)
  • :ASC Ascension Island (unofficial cricket, football teams)
  • :IOT British Indian Ocean Territory (transient population)
  • :CXR Christmas Island (unofficial rugby, football teams)
  • :CCK Cocos Islands (unofficial rugby, football teams)
  • :ATF French Southern Lands (transient population)
  • :PCN Pitcairn Islands (no sporting activity)
  • :BLM Saint Barthelemy (applying to CONCACAF)
  • :SPM Saint Pierre and Miquelon (applying to CONCACAF)
  • :SGS South Georgia (transient population)
  • :NOR Svalbard (local multi-sport clubs)
  • :TDC Tristan da Cunha (unofficial football team)
  • :USA US Minor Outlying Islands (transient population)
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1 hour ago, ahjfcshfghb said:

Since everyone on here seems so interested in exotic nations and all I thought I’d make a list of all those territories that haven’t yet appeared anywhere- and where they could appear too!


To get off the list a territory had to either:

1) be part of a ‘Games’ type competition with actual countries present (Reunion, Mayotte, Tokelau)

2) be part of a national federation for something and participate in its tournaments (St Eustatius, Saba in FIVB, St Martin, Bonaire in CONCACAF)


So I hope y’all find this interesting, and for one more question- am I missing anyone? Cheers :) 


African Games

  • ??Sahrawi Republic

CONCACAF Nations League

  • ??Saint Barthelemy
  • ??Saint Pierre et Miquelon

IAAF World Championships

  • ??Vatican City

Island Games

  • ??Ascension Island
  • ??Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  • ??Tristan da Cunha

Pacific Games

  • ??Bougainville
  • ??Christmas Island
  • ??Cocos Islands
  • ??Pitcairn Islands

“De Facto” Olympics?

  • ??Abkhazia
  • ??Nagorno-Karabakh
  • ??Northern Cyprus
  • ??Somaliland
  • ??South Ossetia
  • ??Transnistria 


Not Going to Happen:


??Akrotiri and Dhekelia

??Ashmore and Cartier Islands


??Bouvet Island

??British Indian Ocean Territory

??Clipperton Island

??Coral Sea Islands

??French Southern Lands

??Heard and McDonald Islands

??South Georgia

??Sovereign Military Order of Malta

??US Minor Outlying Islands



BIOT has people that were born and that would make eligible at the Commonwealth Games. 

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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41 minutes ago, Olympian1010 said:

BIOT has people that were born and that would make eligible at the Commonwealth Games. 

Yeah but it’s not ever going to happen. Those people got evicted in the 70s and are, well, in their 70s now. Maybe their descendants could take part but they’d never represent the ‘BIOT’, it just represents the injustice. There might be a status change soon anyway so we’ll see what happens.

Edited by ahjfcshfghb
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Just now, bestmen said:

the sahrawi republic has already participated in the first African games of workers



That’s a good one! But it’s not a true Africa-wide official competition with the best athletes. Most territories I mentioned have done some sport or another. This is about Olympic-level or similar top-level competition.

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  • ahjfcshfghb changed the title to Countries and Territories Yet To Take Part in International Sport
  • ahjfcshfghb changed the title to The Official Non-Olympic Countries Discussion Thread
18 minutes ago, intoronto said:

Saint Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan are all under one banner now...

That one’s kinda complex. But the Commonwealth Games and Island Games teams only draw from/represent St Helena. And Ascension/Tristan do have their own reserved ISO codes so I put them in. And they’re still represented separately at overseas territory council meetings etc.

Edited by ahjfcshfghb
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  • ahjfcshfghb changed the title to Non-Olympic Countries and Territories Discussion Thread

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