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Ski Jumping at the Nordic Skiing FIS World Championships 2019

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Just now, ChandlerMne said:

That Peier's reaction after realising he won 3rd place...thats essence of sport! So glad for him.

And Ammann's comment :d 


"I just realized he started jumping because of me when he was young, and I felt a bit guilty when he didn't really make that next step...and now he does this!" :d 

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1-2. Fuck everyone!!!   Most luck we've had since 1972

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And I thought that fans of sporting concpiracy theories are live only in Poland.

Such a weird podium. A Guy without a world cup win wins in front of someone with only 3 podiums and someone with no podiums at all. If the 4th 5th and 6th placed skiers had won gold silver and bronze it certainly would have been less of a surprise

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17 minutes ago, Skijumpingmaster said:

I didn't mean that Ammann should retire before tomorrows team competition . But SUI has a new top jumper in Peier now , that's what I meant with Ammann retiring. 




It's about him retiring even after the season. People keep forgetting there's a team competition as well even if SUI only fights for Top 8 at best.

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