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Ski Jumping at the Nordic Skiing FIS World Championships 2019

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vor 5 Minuten schrieb Monzanator:

Top ranked German Leyhe is skipped for the squad and Wellinger is a complete no-show this season. What is Schuster doing?

1) Schuster will leave after this season anyway, so he doesnt give a shit

2) Leyhe and Wellinger were on the same level the last couple of days, but Wellinger has more experience, so it wasnt a shocking decision. Tomorrow in the team Lehye will replace Wellinger, so Germany should be fine.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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1-2. Fuck everyone!!!   Most luck we've had since 1972

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And I thought that fans of sporting concpiracy theories are live only in Poland.

4 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Always a big shame when athletes don't have their equipment in order :( 


It's not the suit tbh. He could have stood a bit differently during measurement which exposed it. That's the common error. After all there was nothing wrong with the suit in the 1st round? ;)

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