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Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2019

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To the kind attention of fellow members:


2019 Annual TISC Organizers would like to take a moment

to thank each user that has signed up so far, and also to

renew our most sincere invitation for the rest of you to

join this edition, in particular:

:ALG @bestmen  :ARG @LDOG  :AUT @Gigs  :AZE @Il_qar


  :BRA @titicow & @Felipe  :CAN @intoronto  :CHI @Pabloffo 


 :COL @Damian & @carivan :CRO @dcro  :EGY  @thepharoah 


:EST @Herki  :FIN @Finnator123  :GER @catgamer :GBR @uk12points


:GRE @Janakis  :IND @Dolby  :IRI @MHSN  :KAZ  @Ruslan  


:MLT @Glen  :MDA @Ionoutz24  :POL @rybak  :POR @kungshamra71  


:ROU @africaboy  :RUS @FC Mezhgorye  :SRB @dareza  :SVK @hckosice


:SLO @justony  :ESP @Enrique  :SWE @Belle  :SUI @Nathy


:TUN @tuniscof  :TUR @Memo  :URU @NaBUru38  :VEN @Argenis Gonzalez   



And of course, every other user & country who wish to join TISC family.


Tomorrow we'll reveal a couple of surprises so stay tuned.

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In !  Obviously no chance that SVK will miss TISC :)


According to the schedule we can already announce our entries, right  @mrv86 ?

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