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Men's Field Hockey FIH Pro League 2019


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il y a 12 minutes, NaBUru38 a déclaré:

The FIH should have used the FIVB Nations League format, where the regular season is played over 5 weeks, and each country hosts a group once or twice.


Which is exactly what they don't want.


The only point of the Pro League is for teams to have regular home games and to cultivate a fan base.

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hace 28 minutos, NaBUru38 said:

Then do it twice over 10 weeks, so each team hosts 2-3 rounds.


What they want to avoid is for example a match between Germany and Spain played in Australia with only 200 people in the stadium. FIVB nations league still has matches played in neutral ground.



The sights at the last womens champions trophy in China were pathetic, every match there were like 100 people watching.

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The shitshow continues in the pro league: Argentina-Germany men's match was not played because of rain and will not be reprogrammed or anything: it's declared a 0-0 tie  (in a tournament with no real ties:facepalm:). Every match has 3 points for taking (be it the full 3 if you win or 2&1 if it goes to penalties), but both teams here were given 1 point, so they both lost 1 point for something that isn't either team's fault!


This alone screws up the entire competition if one of them is narrowly left outside the top 4 at the end of round robin phase.


The worst thing however is one rule of the competition I learned today: if a match is cancelled (due to rain for example) during the first 3 quarters then it's declared a tie no matter what the score is! this is absurd, imagine if you are winning 5-0 and the match is suspended in the final minute of the 3rd quarter, it's a tie :lol: only if the match is cancelled during the 4th quarter then the current result of that match stands as the final result.


BTW Argentina-Germany women's game was suspended 4 (!) times during play and finally ended after 3 long hours. The teams did everything they could to avoid the match getting cancelled and accepted to play the last quarter in absolutely ridiculous conditions as a result. The final 8 minutes were both teams just overhead-flicking the ball into opponent territory because it was almost impossible to advance with short passes.


How can you play like this? please FIH, sort out your bullshit rules...



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