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Cross-Country Skiing at the Nordic Skiing FIS Junior & Under 23 World Championships 2019

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dcro 2020/21, December   I also bet you will forget about this bet.

Excellent finish (from around 3:00)    

This is a qualification event for the 2020 YOG by the way. The qualification system is pretty legit and allows up to 3 entries per nation per event (with a maximum of three entires in this sport)

Sheer domination by Terentev and Valnes, who were already 6 and 5 seconds faster than the rest in qualifying. Awesome silver for 17-year old Skinder and gold for Lundgren :) 


As for Brazil, Rhaick Bonfim could have gone for something promising in the junior men's sprint, but didn't close his binding well and saw his ski come off and glide down on the very first uphill :facepalm:Manex Silva and Lucas Lima were, let's say, ok.

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Awesome result for Manex Silva today in the men's junior 10k freestyle. He finished 80th out of 102 competitors, destroyed the fellow Brazilians who were beating him left and right last year and especially the way he progressed through the field in the second half was impressive.





Fun fact: he trains in Spain/with his own Spanish coach instead of within the Brazilian structure. Basically every Brazilian who improved in cross-country skiing over the past year or so (across the entire wintersports board) has been training either in another country or mostly making their own program.

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