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Women's Water Polo Tournament at the Aquatics FINA World Championships 2022


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Just because I wanted to look it up, our semi-finals since 2005:


:RUS 2006 ECh - lost

:USA 2007 WCh - lost

:ESP 2008 ECh - lost

:NED 2008 SOG - lost

:GRE 2012 ECh - lost

:ESP 2012 SOG - lost

:ESP 2013 WCh - lost

:ESP 2014 ECh - lost

:ITA 2016 ECh - won

:USA 2016 SOG - lost

:NED 2018 ECh - lost

:ESP 2019 WCh - lost

:ESP 2020 ECh - lost

:ESP 2020 SOG - lost


Yeah... for some reason we just can't go past Spain at the these big events. Thankfully they aren't in our way this time and the US is also in the other half of the bracket, which is why this is a big opportunity for us. The Dutch also beat us in SFs before but at least it's not Spain this time. 

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Very disappointing performance last night from our girls :nopompom:


There is still some Greek interest in the semifinals, as the Netherlands have a Greek coach and Haralabidis on the US (who scored 6 goals against Spain in QF) is Greek and used to play for our national team.


Also I thought it was just Parkes from New Zealand, but I see that Hungary also has a girl from Slovakia and a girl from France on their team.

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3 minutes ago, Makedonas said:

Ah yes, I completely forgot about her :d But to be fair she never played for Slovakia at senior level I do believe, I remember reading before the European Games in Baku some article about here, mentioned as a future "super talent" in slovak scene obviously, but I guess she just made the logical and best possible move for her personally to cross the border and represent Hungary ;)

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Kudos to the girls, it was a very good effort against the US, I think this was the most exciting final they had in recent years and it was definitely the closest match for the US at this WCh. Maybe next time. 

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