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Fencing EFC European Championships 2022


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3 medals (2 silver, 1 bronze) for Italy in the first day of the event, but no gold...the curse of the last few years continues...


and most likely, we just created another monster in the head of our foil girls...this time it's Germany (now coached by the "maestro" Bortolaso, the man who was behind all the Russian success during the Cerioni era and who actually raised the average level of the Russians)...:facepalm:


p.s. if the Beach Volleyball worlds in Rome are sad because of the lack of audience, you gotta see this event...:hairpull:

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Men's Individual Sabre


Gold: :GEO Sandro Bazadze

Silver: :ITA Luca Curatoli

Bronze: :FRA Ellitt Bibi & :FRA Bolade Apithy



Bazadze b. Bibi 15-4

Curatoli b. Apithy 15-11



Bazadze b. Curatoli 15-11


Full Ranking & Results

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Finally! Ebert might finally start to fulfill her potential. Not surprising that this happened only after Germany hired a proper coach. The lack in quality coaches might be one of the biggest issues in german sports. Extremely dominant performance by her, she beat Volpi 15:9 and Errigo 15:11. Also encouraging 5th place for Sauer who almost beat Volpi in the quarterfinal (she lost 10:11). 6th place for 16 yo Stutchbury from GB was also super impressive. Of course we have to remember that Russia didn't compete.

Russian warship, go fuck yourself!

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The individual events were kinda disappointing for us so I hope we will win at least 2 medals in the team events. Obviously our men's sabre team should at the very least win a medal today. 

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38 minutes ago, Vektor said:

Two of our strongest opponents 

By ranking and tradition yes, but not with the team that was present here, I doubt they would have been a challenge for Hungary...although we should still have beaten Turkey :wacko:

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