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Doping Cases and Bans 2019 Thread

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2 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

And Geisreiter had one super magical race and apart from that not much, one might see that as suspicious. And Baumgärtner is born in Russia :p


Beckert kept skating and also posting his results including analysis and everything as always,  also after that police raid in Austria and Germany. Doesn't sound very suspicious. 



I didn't know that (I mean, Beckert publishing his blood values)...


I only tried to guess looking at where they are from...but maybe it was a bad method to associate them to those treatments...


your list sounds definitely more logical...

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So punishing proven cheaters is now a political decision? While letting them go scot-free would be fair and NOT political?   Always the same boring narrative. "Russians should not be punishe

FIBA suspended a player for being pregnant , what a disgraceful decision.  

Well duh, he's got a kid to raise now.

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4 hours ago, heywoodu said:

Yes, according to the recent reports in the early 2000's around 90 times speed skaters - not known how many different skaters, but 5 or 6 of them Dutch - were 'warned' by the ISU, by sending a doping control officer to the skater when they had 'bad' blood values. Blood values couldn't result in a ban, so sending a DCO was a way of saying "hey, stop and take care" and magically, the blood values went down immediately after the DCO visit.


This all is mostly based on the words of Harm Kuipers, former member of ISU's medical commission, by the way.

No, they were talking about more recent cases with about a dozen dutch speed skaters who had suspicious blood values.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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4 hours ago, EselTheDonkey said:


Isn't blood doping more helpful in endurance competitions? I don't know how it is with 500 metres and 1000 metres in Speed Skating, but normally I'm not associating blood doping with sprint.

On paper 1000 m (his main event) is a sprint event, but it lasts for about 70 seconds, so i am not sure you can really call it a sprint.

The main story here shouldnt be that some german athlete doped, but that there is doping in german speed skating and they are still unable to win medals, financing this sport is a complete waste of money. German officials should just accept that Japan, Norway, the Netherlands and Russia are lightyears ahead of Germany when it comes to sport science/doping. The appropriate reaction would be to spend 100 million euros on some more luge/bob/skeleton tracks to get even more dominant there.

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You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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Someone from country X get a good result? Shame on them, they are part of an advanced doping program and stealing medals from honest and hardworking German athletes. Thankfully Germany is the only country where they care about the health of their athletes.


A German is caught doping? It doesn't matter, countries X, Y, Z surely have far more advanced doping programs, Germans are victims of their system.


(citation from "The world according to a great fan of the Olympics")

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1 minute ago, EselTheDonkey said:

Both Patrick Beckert and Nico Ihle went to german media and said that they weren't the athlete in question.

Do you have a link? Not because I don't believe you, but because I want to read what they said and can't find it :p 

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Vuelta a San Juan king of the mountains Zamora suspended for EPO

Argentinian could be handed four-year ban


Vuelta a San Juan king of the mountains winner Daniel Zamora has been provisionally suspended by the UCI after returning an adverse analytical finding for EPO.

Finishing 12th overall, Zamora was also the best-placed Argentinian in the general classification.


As of Tuesday morning, the UCI has not released a statement regarding Zamora, but the Agrupacion Virgen De Fatima rider was added to the governing body’s list of suspended riders.

The sample date is listed as January 30, which would be following the fourth stage from San José de Jáchal to Villa San Agustín.

Zamora finished in the top five on stages 2 and 6 of the seven-day race and eventually finished 1:39 down on overall victor Winner Aracona of Movistar.


Zamora has the right to have his B sample tested, but if the initial finding is upheld he could face as much as a four-year ban.


Zamora returned a ‘non-negative’ test during the 2014 Vuelta a San Juan but escaped sanction on that occasion as it was not a UCI-registered event at the time.


The 2018 Vuelta a San Juan winner, Gonzalo Najar, was given a four-year ban after he tested positive for the blood booster CERA.


His teammate Gaston Javier also tested positive for anabolic steroids during the same event. Javier has not received a ban and is still on the UCI’s provisional suspension list.

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