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Swimming at the Aquatics FINA World Championships 2022


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8 hours ago, dullard said:

She missed tests after she'd already stopped training and competing. I don't see anything suspect about her at all.

not exactly...the first two missed tests where in April and August 2018  - and she did compete at the Euros in August

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1 hour ago, Dunadan said:

And here sports fan are bashing RAI because they cut the live broadcast on Rai 2 just after Pilato's win, without showing live on tv interviews etc - not the first time it happens  when they are on Rai 1/2 instead of the sports channel- saying that "This never happens to broadcasters with sports culture like the BBC and German TV!"

Oh, yeah, happens all the time on BBC!  Not with football or rugby of course, but with athletics, swimming....

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12 hours ago, OlympicsFan said:

I think she was banned. Now she comes back and swims her best time in 5 years or so. Ridiculous really. The Justin Gatlin of swimming. Her winning a medal is a huge loss for the sport.

You can think whatever you want, this is one of those rare cases where it is quite evident, if you know some very undelightful details, that she used this ban as a form of escape. You have absolutely no idea what she lived through, the fact that she came back like this is astonishing. 


She was one of the most tested Lithuanian athletes from 2012 to 2018, instigating that she used doping when her results got bad and after she already won it all is pretty stupid.


Is it good that she purposefully missed her doping tests? No. But she was done, she thought she would never swim competitively again and she used the safety net of the ban so that she wouldn't have to make that choice herself and that the federation & media would stop pestering her about the upcoming 2020 Olympics.


You don't know what it was like for Meilutytė when she stopped winning gold and immediately the journalists and many many sports fans turned on her, made fun of her body, harrassed her and all that.

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