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Swimming 2019 Discussion Thread

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curious fact in the morning heats of day 3 of the Italian Nationals...


in the men's 100m freestyle, Luca Dotto, Santo Condorelli, Alessandro Miressi and Ivano Vendrame all swam the same exact time, 49.02 (nobody was faster than them, at least)...:yikes::lol:

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Italian Nationals, Day 3 Recap


men's 800m free: Gabriele Detti confirmed his very good shape and edged out Gregorio Paltrinieri with high caliber clockings (7.43.83 vs 7.45.35)...good 3rd was Domenico Acerenza in 7.47.20...unfortunately for him, there are only 2 spots in the team in any race...


women's 200m IM: Ilaria Cusinato easily won the title in 2.11.89, but once again she was slower than expected and, above all, outside the required target for the world champs pass...


men's 200 IM: Thomas Ceccon withdraw from the final at the last moment because of a physical problem and the race lost the biggest point of interest...still, it was quite a good competition, despite the clockings of the top guys just above the 2-minute mark (the title went to Alberto Razzetti in 2.00.11, well outside the require target, of course)...


women's 100m free: needless to say that it was another 1-woman show by queen Federica (Pellegrini)...she dominated the race in 53.72, but the depressing news are about the fact that all the girls following her in the standings are above the 55-second mark, which means that our women's 4*100m free relay team is NOT officially qualified for the world champs (and if they send them to Gwangju in any case because it's the Olympic qualifying event, they still don't have any chance to make the final)...


men's 100m free: there were a lot of expectations on this race, especially after this morning's heats (and the unusual 4-way tie at the top of the ranking)...and finally, it was quite an exciting race, with Santo Condorelli trying a flashy start and a killer split at 50m...

unfortunately for him, after that crazy start, he was left with the tank empty after only 75/80m and the European Champion Alessandro Miressi could complete one of his now traditional comebacks, winning (48.32 his time) with some margin in front of the newcomer Manuel Frigo (48.56 for him) and the brave Condorelli (48.57 at the end for Santo)...4th and 5th were respectively Lorenzo Zazzeri and Ivano Vendrame in 48.96 and 48.98. Luca Dotto was 6th in 49.00. This gives our men's 4*100m free relay team not only the official pass for the world champs, but also some decent chances to be competitive when it will really matter...


women's 1500m free: red carpet-alike exhibition for Simona Quadarella, winner in 16.04...following her, a few girls who normally swim the open water races in 16.15 or worse...


p.s. in the women's club 4*100m Medley Relay, Margherita Panziera in the opening leg did improve the Italian Record over the 100m backstroke, swimming the distance in 58.92...

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 :CAN Canadian Trials, day two results (world qualifiers/A standard listed )


Women's 100m freestyle

Taylor Ruck, 53.26
Penny Oleksiak, 53.60
Kayla Sanchez, 54.22
Maggie MacNeil, 54.51


Top 2 will race the individual race, the other two will make up the relay.


Men's 100m freestyle
Markus Thormeyer, 48.76
Yuri Kisil, 49.11
Will Pisani, 49.43
Carson Olafson, 49.53

Thormeyer will race the individual, the other 3 will make up the relay.


Women's 100m breaststroke

Kierra Smith, 1:06.54


Women's 400m medley

Sydney Pickrem, 4:35.15
Emily Overholt, 4:37.88


Men's 400m medley

Tristan Cote, 4:17.85


Women's 50m back

Danielle Hanus, 28.03
Jade Hannah, 28.20

*Both need to qualify in another Olympic event to compete 


*No qualifiers in the men's 100m breaststroke or 50m back

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Italian Nationals, Day 4 Recap



men's 100m fly: very exciting race, but with a disappointing final clocking...Santo Condorelli got really close to his first Italian National title, but he was edged out by the European Champion from last year, Piero Codia...51.75 for the man from Sardinia, 52.06 for the new member of out NT. Young talent Federico Burdisso was 3rd with 52.10. Unfortunately, all the guys weren't even close to their PB nor the required target for the world champs pass...


women's 100m backstroke: Margherita Panziera dominated the race as expected, but, despite recording a good 59.77 (world champs official pass), she didn't come close to the new NR swum yesterday in the medley relay's opening leg (58.92). Silvia Scalia was second today, but with a modest 1.00.89, which is well outside her PB (and far away from the world pass required target)...


men's 200m backstroke: European Bronze medallist from last year, Matteo Restivo won the title with a time of 1.56.45, very close to his own PB & NR and of course inside the require target for the qualification to the world champs...Marco mencarini was second in 1.57.65, but unfortunately this is not enough to make the team for Gwangju...


women's 200m fly: one of the most depressing race of the Italian champs so far...Ilaria Cusinato easily won the gold medal, but with a time just below 2.10...needless to say that's not even close to the world pass target...


men's 200m breaststroke: when you thought you've just seen the worst of the champs, here you go with something even more scary...the race was dominated by the favourite Luca Pizzini (also Bronze medallist in Glasgow last summer), but in a really modest 2.10.17...second was the veteran Edoardo Giorgetti, who at least made the final 25 meters of the race interesting, but still he finished well above 2.10, too...of course nobody reached the world standard time...


women's 50m free: here we are so far away from international excellence that's not even worth mentioning anything but the name of the new National Champion, Nicoletta Ruberti, who won her first National Title in 25.17 at the age of 24 (which in women's swimming is something almost unbelievable...and the worst possible sign for the future of this discipline in Italy)...


men's 200m free: Filippo Megli took advantage of a reasonably quick start and of a very slow start by Gabriele Detti and won the National title over the distance in 1.46.56, new PB and world champs qualifying time...Detti finally ended up in second place after a furious comeback in the second 100m with the time of 1.47.02...from 3rd to 8th we have a bunch of guys at 1.48 "low", finishing almost all together, with the surprising Stefano Ballo completing the podium in 1.48.05 and probably earning a spot in the men's 4*200m free relay team, which is of course officially qualified for the world champs after today's race...


p.s. in the women's 4*200m free club team relay, Federica Pellegrini swam 1.55.4 in an internal leg...

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 :CAN Canadian Trials, day two results (world qualifiers/A standard listed )


Women's 200m backstroke

Kylie Masse, 2:05.94
Taylor Ruck, 2:06.70

*These are the top two times in the world this year. Masse broke her NR as well.


Men's 200m backstroke 

Markus Thormeyer, 1:57.42
Cole Pratt, 1:58.07

*Pratt destroyed the men's 15-17 national age group record to qualify.


Women's 100m butterfly

Maggie MacNeil, 57.04
Rebecca Smith, 58.30

*Penny Oleksiak finished in third in 58.61. MacNeil has the second fastest time of the year


Women's 400m freestyle

Mackenzie Padington, 4:08.82
Emma O’Croinin, 4:09.11


*No qualifiers in the men's 100m butterfly or men's 400m freestyle



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Italian Nationals, Final Day recap


women's 50m breaststroke: Martina Carraro completed the "triplete" (all 3 breaststroke titles)...she won today's race with 30.52, edging out the new sensation of Italian swimming, Benedetta Pilato, who's only 13 years young and today was second in 30.61 (smashing all youth classes records, of course). Arianna Castiglioni (Bronze medallist last year at the European Champs and National record holder with 30.30) was disappointing once again and only managed to get 3rd in 31.05...


men's 50m breaststroke: it was another epic battle between the veteran (Fabio Scozzoli) and the youngster (Niccolò Martinenghi)...and once again Scozzoli's experience paid off...he won the race in 26.82, ahead of his rival in 26.98...


women's 400m free: right now, Simona Quadarella is almost unbeatable in Italy in the middle and long distances of freestyle...and so, even if she's definitely not in top shape, she won also this event (in 4.06.92)...


men's 400m IM: it used to be one of the strongest events in our swimming program, but nowadays it's just the opposite...we just can't find any guy capable of renovating the past success...just for the books, today's race has been won by Pier Andrea Matteazzi in 4.15.73...


women's 200m backstroke:

14 hours ago, intoronto said:

 :CAN Canadian Trials, day two results (world qualifiers/A standard listed )


Women's 200m backstroke

Kylie Masse, 2:05.94
Taylor Ruck, 2:06.70

*These are the top two times in the world this year. Masse broke her NR as well.

that's no longer the truth...:p

Margherita Panziera, in fact, won the title and she also did improve herself up until 2.05.72, new National Record and world leading time in 2019 (so far)...behind her, the desert...:cry::facepalm:


men's 1500m free: Gabriele Detti withdrew already yesterday evening because he felt too tired after all the races he had to swim this week, but Gregorio Paltrinieri didn't seem to be bothered by his friend and rival's absence...yesterday Florian Wellbrock swam 14.44.something and did challenge him on the social networks, today Greg answered big time, swimming a solo race in 14.38.34...the bad news is that the other guys completed their race when he was already under thw shower...:rofl:


women's 50m fly: Elena Di Liddo took advantage of a wrong touch on the board by Silvia Di Pietro and edged her out to win the title, but the time is nothing special...26.46 vs 26.52 for the top 2 girls...


in the men's 4*100m free club team relay, there were at the start all of our best specialists, but they "only" swam a bunch of "high" 48s...


that's all, folks! it was quite a good championship overall, with 20 guys breaking at least once the world champs standard time set by our federation...

let's see if in Korea we're gonna have some better results than in the past (we're always good at the European champs, but we did never really raise the game at the worlds and at the Olympics...this could be the time to start doin'it)...

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 :CAN Canadian Trials, day four results (world qualifiers/A standard listed )


Women's 200m freestyle

Penny Oleksiak, 1:56.92
Taylor Ruck, 1:56.97
Kayla Sanchez, 1:58.28
Rebecca Smith, 1:58.64


Top 2 will race the individual race, the other two will make up the 4x200 relay.


Men's 200m freestyle

Markus Thormeyer, 1:47.60
Alexander Pratt, 1:48.74
Jeremy Bagshaw, 1:49.03
Carson Olafson, 1:49.59

No one qualified individually, all will compete just in the 4x200 relay


Men's 200m butterfly 

Mack Darragh, 1:56.68


Women's 50m breaststroke

Faith Knelson, 31.02

*Needs to qualify in another Olympic event to compete (does not look likely, as all the breaststroke events are done)


*No qualifiers in the women's 200m butterfly or men's 50m breaststroke. However, in the 200m butterfly women's events, 12 year old  Summer McIntosh swam the race in 2:15.24 to finish fifth

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Australian Swimming Championships, Day #1

men's 100m backstroke
Mitchell Larkin, 53.51
William Yang, 53.59

men's 400m freestyle
Elijah Winnington (18 y.o.), 3.44.68  :evil::hatoff:
Jack McLoughlin, 3.48.96

women's 100m freestyle :hyper:
Cate Campbell, 52.35
Emma McKeown, 52.84
Shayna Jack, 53.20
Brianna Throssel, 53.80
Bronte Campbell, 53.81

men's 100m fly
Kyle Chalmers, 52.07
Matthew Temple, 52.16

women's 100m breaststroke
Abbey Harkin, 1.07.02
Jessica Hansen, 1.07.45

women's 800m freestyle
Ariarne Titmus, 8.18.61  :mumble:
Kia Melverton, 8.27.72

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Australian Swimming Championships, Day #2

men's 200m breaststroke :hyper:
Matthew Wilson, 2.07.16
Zac Stubbley-Cook, 2.08.38

women's 100m fly
Emma McKeown, 56.85 :hatoff:
Brianna Throssel, 57.52

men's 100m freestyle
Kyle Chalmers, 47.48  :yikes::bowdown:
Cameron McEvoy, 49.07  :facepalm:
Clyde Lewis, 49.29  :facepalm:
James Roberts, 49.35  :facepalm:

women's 400m IM
Kylee McKeown, 4.40.25
Calypso Sheridan, 4.41.40

men's 50m fly
William Yang, 23.23
Cameron Jones, 23.63

men's 800m freestyle :facepalm:
Jack McLoughlin, 7.58.66
Joshua Parris, 7.59.83

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