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Softball 2019 Discussion Thread


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:JPN   Team Japan   :JPN


Nozomi Ogasa

Misaki Katsuro

Yukari Shibamura

Atsushi Fujita

Chiharu Aoki

My wife Ayaka

Amami Manna

Ichiguchi effect

Okuda Yuuki

Hitomi Kawabata

Natsuko Tsuji

Miho Naito

Yu Yamamoto

Eguchi Fukiko

Harada Nodoka

Yamazaki Saki

Yamada Eri

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29 minutes ago, dcro said:

Meh. For a moment it looked like @heywoodu will not be the first with Olympian spouse. :nopompom:

I just have to survive one and a half year longer without anyone here picking up a (potential) Olympian, come on..



Ok, and someone has to qualify for the Olymics, but you know, details.


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