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Women's Handball IHF World Championship 2019

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Now I could accept a draw    


A few hundreds of fans have received the team in Madrid. Yesterday, the final was followed on TV by 812.000 people (12.4%):    

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41 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

I am cheering for that 0.01%. We are the 0.01%! What do they have to do in order to make it?


They have to win this thing.

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All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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Our team doesn't deserve a wildcard.


When Kim Rasmussen was the coach, Poland was one of the best teams in Europe. Now we have problems even with weak opponents.


But I believe that we will beat Serbia in volleyball (OQT).

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On 31/05/2019 at 02:33, heywoodu said:

Greenland :cheer: 

Unfortunately, they were beaten today by Puerto Rico, so they'll have to play for bronze :( 



:PUR 29 v. 25 :GRL

:CUB 30 v. 23 :DOM


7th place match

:MEX 30 v. 24 :CAN 


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Cuba gets the spot for North & American and Caribbean teams



:PUR 24  v. 27 :CUB 


3rd place:

:GRL 22 v. 20 :DOM


5th place match

:MEX 27 v. 33 :USA  


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Slovakia - Sweden  24-45  :lol:  21 goals difference at home ! Man this is Australia or USA level...and thinking only few years back we finished top 12 at Europeans :wacko:


1st Leg result last week Sweden - Slovakia  33-18  so overall 78-42 lol

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