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Skeleton IBSF World Cup 2018 - 2019


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Nobody wrote that so I will. Janine Flock showed today how imprtant is knowing the track. Two terrible starts (compare to athletes like Hermann, Nikitina or Loelling) and she still was the best. Austrians are making incredible things on their own truck in Innsbruck. I still have in mind two gold medals of Kindl at 2017 Luge WCh. 


And one curiosity. Today :POL Marta Orlowska made her first start in World Cup. She started at WCh before, but never in WC. She was 21st (don't know why there is no sign of her in results at IBSF web, but she figures in results from ECh*). She's second athlete from Poland that compete in skeleton WC. First was Monika Wolowiec more than 10 years ago.


* - Ok, now I know why. She has no right to start in WC, so she was competing only in ECh. Damn, I was so happy...

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