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Men's Football UEFA European Championship 2020


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2 minutes ago, LDOG said:

Because they lost their best player, of course.


But if they had played this tomorrow, they could get reassurence of their teammate's health and stabilize the emotions. And it was only 45 minutes, not like it would have tired them too much for next game. 

They talked with him before taking the decision! They knew about his situation!

This is more than football today!

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hard to evaluate this match, today it was mainly about saving the life of one extremely talented young man and player. Feel bad for :DEN was one nightmare night for sure.


In other side, congrats to :FIN for this result, some history written today. and Hradecký was huge.

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1 minute ago, Monzanator said:

Shot map for Denmark vs Finland (Hradecky obviously Man of the Match):



He got 13 points in Euro Fantasy, well it has been really cruel for Danish fans and team I really feel sorry for them 

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5 minutes ago, hckošice said:

now back to St. Petersburg.


rumors saying a Train to Siberia is already prepared for the :RUS team :p

Nah, they won't do that bad, but a train to Tyumen isn't out of the picture. :d

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