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Men's Football UEFA European Championship 2020


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Half time :GIB 0-0 :IRL

Good start from the Queen's Eleven


A great atmosphere in :ENG 5-0 :CZE

and I played in the fan's match before: England fans vs Czech fans (see attached)



As now we come across the world
To share these Games of old
Let all the flags of every land
In brotherhood unfold

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once we set a foot out of our country we are always ambitious but rubbish :p we did not win a match away of Slovakia for the 8th match in a row (7 of them we lost, the last 5 WC Qualification/Nations League matches played away !!! the only draw was in a friendly game in SWE) :lol:


anyway today at least a point, frankly was in our possibilities, such a waste, pitty.


+a personal special greeting to:

Gareth Bale you freaking new Neymar (new note for me, when you are already 10 cm close to him and have the insolance and courage to look at him, or even god forgive, to touch him, it´s ofc a foul because he logically have to dive in pain every freaking time) and German ref Zwayer who ate it the whole match






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