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Early Predictions for your Nation at the Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024


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I think there's a decent shot at a squad at about the same size as in Tokyo, possibly slightly larger, mainly helped by us getting 2 handball teams.

Pretty worried by swimming and rowing, though!

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I think it will be hard for Ireland to match the team of 116 athletes in Tokyo but it will largely depend on whether we can qualify in team sports again. In Tokyo we qualified in men's rugby sevens and women's hockey. Next time we have good chances to qualify both teams in rugby sevens, less confident about hockey this time but the women will be in with a decent shout.


I am hoping we can continue the momentum we made in rowing in the last Olympic cycle and have a few solid medal hopes there again. I would hope both our medal winning crews from Tokyo will be as strong as ever in Paris and that we will have another couple of strong crews alongside them in our team.


I am hoping for 6 medals in Paris and 2 golds (2 golds and 2 bronze in Tokyo) so let's see what happens in the next couple of years.



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Brazil has a chance to improve and finally get a spot in the top 10.


Our results after the olympics are great and we have many good newcomers in lots of different sports.


Im just kinda worried about traditional sports such as Volley, judo and beach volley that i really cant see great results in next years.


Surf and skateboarding gonna be our best chances again but we have good chances in a lot of other sports.


I think we gonna have more than 20 medals again and we have a good chance to broke the 2020 record

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Canada will most likely have less athletes. We are automatically down 15 thanks to softball no longer being on the program. We were also really lucky in terms of the number of team sports we qualified in. Still hoping for 300+ athletes, but again that hinges on the number of team sports we qualify in. As for sports, I'm hoping for representation in at least 26/32 sports.

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11 hours ago, Jinzha said:

I agree we're not going to improve on the Tokyo medals, everything really came together last year with super dominant squads in rowing and track cycling and everything going right for the athletics squad.


Other athletes I'm really curious about are Mathieu van der Poel (will he ride the road race?), Sifan Hassan (which events will she run?), Van Aanholt / Duetz (sailing), Niek Kimmann (BMX racing) and Emma Oosterwegel (heptathlon athletics).

I'n really curious about Mathieu van der Poel too, but do we already know the parcours of the road races? I presume the finish will be at the Champs Elysées, but that's the only thing I can find about it.

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My prediction is that Indonesia will send ±30 athletes in Paris 2024. Around two or four debutants will come from the speed events in sports climbing. Veddriq Leonardo and Kiromal Katibin from the men's speed must work hard to get a quota to qualify for Paris. Meanwhile, Desak Made Rita Kusuma also deserves to be counted on to qualify as long as her performance is consistent.


For other debutants from Indonesia in Paris 2024, I predict there will be Rizky Juniansyah (weightlifting); Siti Fadia (will permanently partner with Apriyani Rahayu the Tokyo 2020 gold medalist) in women's doubles, Putri Kusuma Wardhani in women's singles, one of Indonesia's debutant men's doubles such Fajar Alfian/Rian Ardianto or Leo Rolly/Daniel Marthin who will accompany the Minions, Rinov Rivaldi/Pitha Haningtyas in mixed doubles (badminton); about one/two debutants in the rowing's lightweight sculls; and two universality places/OST for swimming events (I think Masriani Wolf deserves to get a place in Paris 2024 remembered her performance at the SEA Games Hanoi 2021).

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Early thoughts on Team Poland.


A little bit more than 200 athletes.

Around 10-12 medals, I would say 3 golds. Maybe 4 if there is a one big surprise like 50km race walk in Tokyo.

By now, biggest chances for these 3 gold medals would be Tennis - Women’s Singles, Sports Climbing - Women’s Speed and Athletics - Men’s Hammer Throw.


Other medal chances by now:

Athletics - Women’s 4x400m Relay

and maybe one more in athletics somewhere (Maybe Adrianna Sułek in heptathlon, hard to say).


Swimming - Women’s 50m Freestyle


1 or 2 medals in rowing and canoe each


We usually get at least one medal in combat sports


and there is always at least one medal from an underdog, totally unexpected


Men’s Volleyball - I won’t talk about medal here this time. Let them go through QFs first.


I hope men’s handball team will improve and qualify, which will be hard already, not expecting medal here.


Biggest fun for me personally would be a gold for Iga (which means her career would not only be a two-seasons fun), a medal in swimming (first since 2004), first Polish gold in canoe and/or cycling (we never had it but it will be extremely hard to get one) and good performances by our men’s volleyball and handball teams.


If Patryk Dobek proves that he can perform well in 800m again, that would be great fun as well. Or any other of our 800m runners. 

An unexpected medal in athletics from a new, young athlete would be nice. Hard to guess who could do it though.


And Anita Włodarczyk… Never underestimate the heart of a champion, they say… We will see.


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But to be honest, I don’t care that much how many medals Poland will get. If it is 12 total/ 4 golds - ok. If it is slightly less or more, that is ok as well.


I care much more about entertaining, tense, close competition in the sports and events I like the most. I will probably miss some good performaces by Polish athletes again because I will be more focused on watching  events I really like, even if there is noone from Poland in it.


And I hope I will be there in Paris to enjoy the games by myself.


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