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Sarah Douglas won gold in women's laser radial at the Princess Sofia Regatta.


Other Canadian results:


Name(s) Event Result

William Jones

Evan Depaul

Men's 49er 46th

Arie Moffat

Samuel Bonin

Men's 49er 49th

Thomas Staples

William Staples

Men's 49er 62nd

Georgia Lewin-Lafrance

Antonia Lewin-Lafrance

Women's 49erFX 24th

Ali Ten Hove

Mariah Millen

Women's 49erFX 29th

Audrey Staples

Marion Lafrance-Berger

Women's 49erFX 48th
Sarah Douglas Women's Laser Radial 1st
Clara Gravely Women's Laser Radial 41st
Maura Dewey Women's Laser Radial 44th
Coralie Vittecoq Women's Laser Radial 47th
Tom Ramshaw Men's Laser 37th
Fillah Karim Men's Laser 44th
Ben Flower Men's Laser 47th
James Juhasz Men's Laser 54th
Luke Ruitenberg Men's Laser 57th
Ryan Anderson Men's Laser 75th
Forrest Wachholz Men's Laser 101st
Norman Struthers Men's Laser 119th
Liam Bruce Men's Laser 126th
Ian Elliott Men's Laser 151st

Zoe Roosen

Nicolas Tosi

Mixed Nacra17 36th
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 Sisters Antonia and Georgia Lewin-LaFrance from Chester, N.S., won the bronze medal in 49erFX at the Kiel Week event which ended Sunday in Germany.
In fourth place following the 10 preliminary races and one point behind a spot on the podium, the Canadian team won the medal race to gain one spot and come up with the bronze medal, finishing ahead of some competitors who were at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, including Olympic silver medalists Tina Lutz and Susann Beucke from Germany.


Solid result!


More here:

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