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Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Competition Schedule


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I like more sports before the Opening Ceremony, because i can watch them, before the clusterfuck starts.


I don't like though, that we now have 3 days of swimming and athletics colliding... It was usually only 1 day, where swimming was only an hour with the last few finals. They are even at the same time in both sessions..


Weightlifting in the last 5 days is interesting. Usually the schedule is more free by that time, so it could be for the better, though taekwondo is also bunched then. Wrestling with 2 hour morning sessions and then 4 hour final sessions is a choice. I would have preferred the finals to start 2 hours earlier and not collided with everything in the 20-23 hour period. 


Team Sports very heavy in the beginning, which is expected with group stages, but i think Tokyo had a more balanced schedule. Will see what happens, the more we get closer to the Games. 


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14 minutes ago, phelps said:

however, the highlight of the Games is basically at the end, on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of August...


luckily, it's in prime time...


I just can't wait for the Breakdance to make its Olympic debut! :cheer: :banana:

I knew you'd be excited for the last weekend!

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6 hours ago, Quaker2001 said:

Looks like it's a stadium issue.  They're at Stade de France, so they probably need it to start/finish a couple of days earlier to get the stadium ready for athletics.

It is. It was planned to take place in Jean Bouin (next to the Parc des Princes & RG), which is a rugby stadium (20k). For whatever reason they decided to move it to the SDF ... having most of the tournament (2 days/3 for one of the genders) before the OC is pretty lame.

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8 hours ago, Makedonas said:

I'm surprised that nobody mentioned it, rowing will start after the Opening Ceremony. In Tokyo, it started before it (single sculls heats).

I'm happy that they don't, but it felt more like a one-time thing!

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