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Women's Football OFC Oceanian Nations Cup 2018


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This event will be staged in New Caledonia :NCL and will allow the winner to compete in women's tournament at Tokyo 2020. Note that not all the participants are recognized by IOC, so only the eligible ones will be able to qualify for the Olympics. Here are the pools:


Pool A:


:NCL New Caledonia

:SAM Samoa

:PNG Papua New Guinea

:THT Tahiti 


Pool B:

:TGA Tonga

:COK Cook Islands

:FIJ Fiji

:NZL New Zealand


Highlited in red, the nations which are eligible for the olympic quota

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To be a bit serious, Fiji's team is a lot better than in previous years, it looks like they put some serious work in developing them. Their US based player is only 17 years old and could be a future star for the team. I think they have an excellent chance at defeating Papua New Guinea in the semi-final.

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