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Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2020


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8 minutes ago, Vektor said:

Well, our group is sure getting interesting now that Iceland beat Portugal. Really important match coming up for Slovenia and Hungary. If Slovenia wins, they will have a pretty good chance to qualify for the SF. 


Yeah, a Slovenia win here means only Portugal can catch them. A Hungary win makes things a bit more crazier. Looking at the schedule I would think Hungary would be the favourites at that point as they only need to win one match while the other likely need to win both of their matches. Of course things get a bit more crazier should Sweden defeat Norway later today.

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Unless we get some truly shocking surprises, I think if we get one more point, we will likely qualify for the OQT. Same is true for Slovenia. I am assuming that Norway will beat everyone in Group II, and everything will go as expected in Group I. 

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