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Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 20 Division II Group B World Championship 2019


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Tuesday January 15th, 2019 -

Round-Robin Day 1 Schedule (GMT +1)




13:00  :ISR Israel vs Belgium :BEL

16:30  :SRB Serbia vs Mexico :MEX

20:00  :CRO Croatia vs Netherlands :NED



*Tournament Format:

  • 6 Nations play a usual Round-Robin tournament, Each team play once every opponent,
  • The first ranked Nation will qualify for the Men´s Under 20 Division II Group A World Championships next year in 2020.
  • The Nations ranked 2nd-5th will stay in this division also for the next season,
  • The last ranked 6th Nation will be relegated to the Men´s Under 20 Division III World Championships 2020.
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Tuesday January 15th, 2019 -

Round-Robin Day 1 Results (GMT +1)



13:00  :ISR Israel  3 - 6  Belgium :BEL

16:30  :SRB Serbia  6 - 1  Mexico :MEX

20:00  :CRO Croatia  7 - 0  Netherlands :NED


Provisional Standing After Day 1:

1. Croatia  3


2. Serbia  3

3. Belgium  3

4. Israel  0

5. Mexico  0


6. Netherlands  0


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6 hours ago, mrv86 said:

Mexico was doing quite well until 3rd quarter :wall:


Anyway, congratulations to the Serbian team for their victory :thumbup:


Yes, this was a really close game in the first 2 periods, a classic upset game, but unfortunately the start of the 3rd frame was disastrous for Mexico. The Serbs came out of the dressing room after the 2nd intermediate like a completely another new team, they significantly increased their activity and began to dominate the ice, especially in skating speed was the most striking difference. Serbia did just outskated Mexico in last third yesterday and this was the main reason for the 4-0 last period score.


but in other side, if Mexico will be able to play like they did in the first 2 periods also at least in 1 or 2 full games, I can see here a room to avoid the relegation.


This tournament can be actually very fun to watch and really interesting, especially looking forward for tonight´s clash Croatia vs Serbia, possibly the decider of this tourney. Croatia impressed yesterday with one very above level perfomace against the Netherlands. Very dominant and easy win 7-0 over the Dutch was a quite surprising for me, will be interesting to watch their match against Serbia tonight, really :bounce:


also aBenelux derby is always a derby to follow, even in Ice Hockey U20, BEL vs NED can be today also a interesting one, especially the dutch will certainly want to rehab themselves after last nights failure

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3 minutes ago, hckosice said:

Fans booing Serbian anthem :thumbdown: c´mon Croatia, this is not freaking football !

Some things never change...

Only in this part of Europe.

Plus,as you said,hockey fans doing something caracteristic mainly for football pitches... strange

On the other hand,interesting outcome. Croatia destroyed Netherlands night before,they were clear favorites.

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Wednesday January 16th, 2019 -

Round-Robin Day 2 Results (GMT +1)


13:00  :MEX Mexico  1 - 5  Israel :ISR

16:30  :NED Netherlands  9 - 4  Belgium :BEL

20:00  :SRB Serbia  4 - 1  Croatia :CRO


Provisional Standing After Day 2:

1. Serbia  6


2. Croatia  3

3. Israel  3

4. Belgium  3

5. Netherlands  3


6. Mexico  0


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3 minutes ago, ChandlerMne said:

On the other hand,interesting outcome. Croatia destroyed Netherlands night before,they were clear favorites.


Yes, I was right, this is gonna be a really interesting tournament, fun to watch. Croatia yesterday with a real masterpiece of hockey, I was literally excited by their performance against the Netherlands. but today it was quite surprisingly very poor, a one sided match. Serbia had not a impressive start of the tourney yesterday, too slow in the first 2 frames, but today they dominated the ice and the game, also the Netherlands yesterday with a embarassing performance against the hosts but today they came with suddenly so inspiring and totally supperior performance over the Belgians, who yesterday easily dominated Israel, team that today at their turn easily beat Mexico, who was more than equal opponent to Serbia in the first 40 minutes yesterday...


Gonna be fun this tournament...:d

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