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[OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2019

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2 minuti fa, Quasit ha scritto:



Is anybody supposed to read that scrolling text? :d


Are only for the relatives of the people who work at the program behind the scenes, they are their 5 seconds of glory :)

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17 minuti fa, Pablita ha scritto:

Sanremo is over and now we know who will perform for Italy in Tel Aviv: Mahmood with Soldi (that means money)

His mother is from Sardinia and his father from Egypt, he was born in Milan and we are very happy for his victory!


Here his song sung after the victory, as you can see he was very surprised


Here the news on Eurovision site:

Last place, we are coming :(

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Soldi is really great song, even my ultimo number one was La ragazza con cuore di latta and amazing Irama, Mahmood was great too. Still can't believe than Loredana Berte finish at only sixth place :(


So, after 8 songs chosen so far, my ranking is:


1. :wITA:

2. :wCZE:

3. :wESP:

4. :wALB:

5. :wGBR:

6. :wFRA:

7. :wMNE:

8. :wAUS:


And moment of the last night was one semifinal performance in Ukraine - Maruv sings Siren song :hearts:

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42 minuti fa, Gianlu33 ha scritto:

Last place, we are coming :(


I don't agree, I think he can do very well: the song has rhythm, is very enjoyable, the public is involved because he can clap and sing the easy verse Soldi, soldi

The singer is very well and seems ready for a big live show (yesterday there was a technical problem, so he had to start again and he did very well)


@NikolaB Loredana arrived 4th and the public at the theatre was very disappointed too


Anyway my favourite was this


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@Pablita Thanks, i thought she was 6th. I forgot to mention Paola Turci and Arisa among my favorites last night. However, good luck Alessandro Mahmoud 

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Well, the most political music contest in the world will never let us down when it comes to controversies. :p


Maruv just won Vidbir 2019 in Ukraine two days ago with Siren Song, but questions were raised about her activities in Russia.

It was demanded by the Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC that she should end her activities in Russia, and submit to other clauses, in order to represent Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

The broadcaster UA:PBC and Maruv didn't come to an agreement about Eurovision 2019 participation, and now UA:PBC has announced that Maruv will not represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2019. This happens after a more than 5 hour long negotiation between UA:PBC and Maruv's team, ending up with the two parts not signing the contract for Eurovision participation.

Following Maruv's win in Vidbir 2019, the broadcaster sent Maruv's management a contract, requiring her to cancel all appearances and performances in Russia in order to become the Ukrainian representative.

Maruv was given 48 hours to sign the contract, or be replaced by another participant.

Maruv revealed that the contract included a clause, that banned her from improvising on stage and communicating with any journalist without the permission of the broadcaster, and required her to fully comply with any requests from the broadcaster.

If she broke the contract, she would be fined 2 million UAH (65,000 EUR), and the contract also stated that the Ukrainian broadcaster would not pay Maruv's trip to Tel Aviv, according to Maruv.



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Just listened to my first song of this year....France, what the fuck did you do? :cry:


He misses every tone, dances awful, sings incredibly boring....if you don't speak English that's fine, but don't try it, yet that's what she's doing...ugh ugh ugh, my ears need to go to the doctor now :(

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