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Track Cycling UCI World Cup 2018 - 2019


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official start is tomorrow...but the team pursuit qualification has already been completed earlier today...:yikes::facepalm:


among the girls, NZL were the fastest, less than a second better than ITA, with AUS a fraction behind in 3rd. GER edged out GBR for the 4th place. FRA, RUS and CHN are the other qualified teams.


in the men's event, it was DEN to prevail over NZL and GBR, all of them at 3.55. The usual suspect GER were 4th also here, this time just ahead of ITA (both at 3.56, with ITA heavily penalized by a very slow start -7th fastest after 2kms). The 3 remaining spots for the second round went to a British private team, FRA and RUS.

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