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Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2022


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Hey beautiful people, i am very disappointed, that i had to miss the contest, but something unexpected came up this past week. And it was another fantastic and enjoyable contest by the looks of things. :) :ESP Spain with a commanding win to my biggest pleasure, as it's probably the country to which i have given the most points in all of my participations. There is always something to their songs, that resonates with my taste. :yes  Well deserved win for @Cobi and very much looking forward to his hosting next time. 


Also, big applauses for @Vektor for his tireless work these past few months, from stepping up hosting, to organizing and executing the contest perfectly. :hatoff: :yes 


Great effort from my team members @OlympicIRL @Griff88 and @Illya on getting a bronze medal. :banana: Especially after stumbling in the first round, that was some fight through the repechage rounds! The historians will speak on this, but i think this may be the first time i get a medal in the music contests :d


And finally, but not least, big Thank You to everyone who enjoyed and/or voted for the BG song. This time more people than usual and it's nice to be on the left side of the table for a change. :d Virtual bears and cookies for all :beer:  

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Another great edition of the TAISC,:thumbup:
congratulations to Vector for the excellent organization,:clap:

to all the juries who participated, obviously to those who voted for the Italian song:clap:

and finally congratulations to Spain for the victory,:champion::cheerlieconfused:

to Ireland and to Great Britain for the medals:thumbup:

see you next year:bye::bye:

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There are more stuff left to update, but here are the updated all-time Grand Final and Team Challenge medal tables.


Spain became the 24th nation to get onto the podium, and 12th to win.

Ireland did two birds with one stone. They picked up the only missing color for both Grand Final (silver) and Team Challenge (bronze).


No nation has won their first team medal in Hungary. We are still at 43 all-time.



All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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On 5/7/2022 at 9:42 AM, dcro said:

8 nations are still scoreless.


I am pretty sure this is a negative record... And a big one. :facepalm:

I know it's late replying to this now but I am just going through the thread to gather stats for the TISC history thread and I thought this would be an interesting one to check out:


Having 8 nations still pointless after 6 rounds of jury voting is on the upper end of the negative scale, but it isn't in fact the record. TISC Open 2015 takes that unhappy crown with a whopping 10 nations still pointless by that stage in the voting! TISC Open 2016 on the otherhand was very generous in its points distribution  as every single nation was off the mark by the time jury 6 finished voting!



 Edition Nations Still Without Points After 6 Juries Voted
 TISC Open 2013 6
 TISC Annual 2014 4
 TISC Open 2014 9
 TISC Annual 2015 3
 TISC Open 2015 10
 TISC Annual 2016 2
 TISC Open 2016 0
 TISC Annual 2017 4
 TISC Open 2017 6
 TISC Annual 2018 6
 TISC Open 2018 4
 TISC Annual 2019 4
 TISC Open 2019 3
 TISC Annual 2020 3
 TISC Open 2020 5
 TISC Annual 2021 4
 TISC Open 2021 6
 TISC Annual 2022 8


Also @Vektor you asked after 5 rounds of jury voting if:




And is this the worst start ever for Ireland?




At this point, Ireland only had 3 points and as the stats below show, this was indeed the worst start for Ireland both in terms of points scored and point-per-jury average (PPJ):




Number of Points for Ireland after

Jury 5

P.P.J. for Ireland after Jury 5
 TISC Open 2013 20 4.00
 TISC Annual 2014 18 3.60
 TISC Open 2014 31 6.20
 TISC Annual 2015 29 5.80
 TISC Open 2015 14 2.80
 TISC Annual 2016 26 5.20
 TISC Open 2016 40 8.00
 TISC Annual 2017 12 3.00
 TISC Open 2017 24 6.00
 TISC Annual 2018 9 1.80
 TISC Open 2018 23 4.60
 TISC Annual 2019 47 9.40
 TISC Open 2019 14 2.80
 TISC Annual 2020 16 3.20
 TISC Open 2020 30 6.00
 TISC Annual 2021 20 5.00
 TISC Open 2021 15 3.00
 TISC Annual 2022 3 0.60


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Actually to me something that is always very impressive is that we are a lot of people voting on a lot of songs (almost 40), and still we manage to never leave any competing song without at least a few points.


its really awesome and shows the musical diversity of everyone here

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1 hour ago, Belle said:

Cant wait for Open 2022. When it’s time for it? @OlympicIRL

No set date as of yet but it typically begins late September and runs for six weeks until end of October or start of November.


In the meantime you could re-live the very first edition which was won by Sweden :d



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