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Women's Baseball WBSC World Cup 2018


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2 minuti fa, bestmen ha scritto:

no African team:nopompom:

only 4 continents , this sport shouldn't be olympic


and in fact women's Baseball is not an Olympic discipline...:evil::whistle::p


by the way, 4 Continents are good enough to ask for the Olympic status...we can't be so stupid to pretend that Africa, with all the problems they have, can invest much money in many "less worldwide spread" disciplines...otherwise at the Olympic Games we should have just 5 or 6 sports and that's it (because having just 4/5 Countries out of more than 50 playing some sport -like it happens in Africa in most disciplines- it's not like a full Continent having a decent program related to that specific sport)...:pope:

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11 ore fa, dcro ha scritto:

Taiwan secures their first ever WC final. In fact, their first ever WC medal.


only if we talk of Women's Baseball...:evil:;)


they already have a couple of Silver medals (and quite a few Bronze medals) in their bag in the men's game (actually, it's 1 silver in the old world cup in 1984 and 1 at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, always losing to Cuba in the decisive match)...

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Totallympics TV

Never seen women’s baseball or wanting to rewatch the 2018 World Cup then view our Full Replays from Preliminaries to Finals on YouTube

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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