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Athletics at the Asian Games 2018

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while I do believe a deliberate program to get the best youngsters from various  countries and then make them run for your country makes a mockery of the "asian" games .......but I must say this makes

Not only Qatar does steal or let's say take young African talents , the whole world do so and it won't stop as long as these athletes can't find a good life at their homes , but i should take the othe

India lodges protest against Bahrain in the mixed relay after the Bahranian runner stays on Hima's lane.. And the protest has been accepted ...

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1 minute ago, Dolby said:

Another Games record. This time by Tejinderpal Toor 20.75m in Men's Shot Put. That should be Gold. :clap:


he won the gold in his first throw. the rest is just formality  :d


and our shot putters were unbelievably poor , Mehrdelan had 20m two weeks ago. here he rarely made it to 18m and even that was foul and didn't counted ! and Samari is the current Asian Champion for God sake. what the hell was that ! they could finish 2nd and 3rd.

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1 ora fa, Dolby ha scritto:

Issue was with Shitaye, who was entered quite late. 

It seems to me that another girl with the bib number 638 has been rejected and disallowed to run; judging from the colours of her singlet, she might be from Nepal ... poor girl ... any news about the reason ? Anyway great victory of Maslova; I never thought she could beat the naturalized Ethiopians and Kenyans. 

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