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Surfing 2022 Dicussion Thread


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  • 4 months later...

Margaret River Pro starts in a few hours from now... Hoping for Brisa Henessey :CRC to get back her yellow jersey from Moore. Also excited to see if Tyler Wright can win back to back races.. 


In the men's event will support Fillipe Tolledo :BRA for his frequent high risk tricks helping him win Rip Curls last week! 


Overall should be a very exciting event with at least 1 or 2 suprise semifinalists coming from nowhere. Perhaps some Western Australians using home advantage 

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Italy have gone shopping once again...:facepalm:


our newest competitor in the men's division is no less than Jesse Mendes, Tatiana Weston-Webb's husband (he has some Italian heritage by his father's side)...:yikes:


not only, Italy also hired Adriano De Souza (2015 WSL world champion) as the main assistent coach of Yann Martin (confirmed as the head of the technical staff of our NT)...

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