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BMX Cycling UEC European Championships 2018


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22 hours ago, heywoodu said:

8 out of 8 Dutch men into the 1/8 finals :d 

Yet only one Dutchman in the final. 


Qualified for women's final:

  1. :DEN Simone Tetsche Christensen
  2. :NED Judy Baauw
  3. :NED Laura Smulders
  4. :NED Merel Smulders
  5. :NED Manon Veenstra
  6. :RUS Natalia Afremova
  7. :RUS Yaroslava Bondarenko
  8. :RUS Natalia Suvorova

Qualified for men's final:

  1. :FRA Jérémy Rencurel
  2. :FRA André Sylvain
  3. :GBR Kyle Evans
  4. :GBR Kye Whyte
  5. :NED Joris Harmsen
  6. :RUS Evgeny Komarov
  7. :SUI David Graf
  8. :SUI Simon M Marquart



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