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[POLL] Do You want Boxing to be included in the Summer Olympic Games 2020 Programme?


Do You want Boxing to be included in the Summer Olympic Games 2020 Programme?  

66 members have voted

  1. 1. Do You want Boxing to be included in the Summer Olympic Games 2020 Programme?

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1 minuto fa, heywoodu ha scritto:

Also: pros should be able to enter the Olympics if they want to, otherwise it's just a B-competition like the football. 


no, because of their nature, pro boxing and Olympic boxing actually are 2 different sports...that's why I'd give this kind of boxing (and only to this kind of boxing) a chance...

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7 minuti fa, dcro ha scritto:


This sounds way too idealistic however.


I don't think it's's about extreme measures for an extreme problem (for those who would like to save this sport and, above all, the athletes who train hard to fulfill their dream to take part into the Olympic Games)...


otherwise, if nobody cares about a minimum standard of seriousness in the Olympic boxing competition, just throw them out and go on with the other disciplines...

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Okay, let me try to understand AIBA's logic.

Rakhimov steps aside for ONE year and then they think IOC will suddenly forget all about the man they described as "One of Uzbekistan's leading criminals", and IOC will say, "You know AIBA, because Rakhimov has been on the side line for one year, you have showed the will to change things. You will keep the rights to organise Olympic boxing".

I don't really understand the logic? :lol:





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So if Rakhimov is elected we have 3 possibilities on what happens next.

1 - The IOC can back down and let the AIBA carry on as usual. That will make the IOC look very weak and I don't think they can afford to look weak again so soon after their problems with Russia.

2 - They can find another governing body to run Olympic boxing. The rumour is they are talking to one of the professional boxing organizations to run a scaled down tournament in Tokyo, Maybe with about 12 professionals at each weight.

3 - They can just cancel all boxing at Tokyo.


If Rakhimov loses then the AIBA still have big problems but all the big IOC decisions will wait until after 2020.

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A professional boxing tournament without letting amateurs at least attempt to qualify is no good either. Also, if AIBA really wants to play hardball there won't be any recognized national federations either (as they risk being sanctioned by AIBA), though I guess they could go the route of having all the boxers compete under the Olympic flag, but I imagine some young boxers may also not want to risk getting banned from future competitions.

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