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Artistic Gymnastics UEG European Championships 2018

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6 horas atrás, De_Gambassi disse:


How surprising is France topping the qualification stage ? And do you think, they can win the gold medal here ?


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Yes, you 're my go to guy for gymnastics. Sorry :p


Russia brought their weakest team in many years, so I'm surprised they even qualified in second. I thought they would qualify behind Netherlands and Great Britain, but I was wrong. It's Russia, so you can never count them out, but I think France should take gold if the girls hit (and this is a big if). Ukraine could be a big surprise and win bronze if they hit, but again this is a big if.

And let's see what Italy can do now that Belgium has given up their place in the final. I'm really curious about the outcome of this event. It looks like Canada, Brazil, Japan and, of course, China and the USA, are in better shape than most teams from Europe. Even Australia could challenge for the top 8 at the World Championships.

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Rhys goes into the men's pommel as top qualifier! What a dream it would be if he can get an historic medal for us! 

GOLD!!!!! Rhys McClenaghan you legend!!     This is huge for Irish gymnastics and our sport!! I'm so happy!  

"Will the judges agree, or will they say expelliarmus to the Belgian gymnast on the floor."

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It's amazing how you can NEVER underestimate Russia. This is their weakest team in years, and still they absolutely delivered in the final. Unbelievable. France did well, but they can't rely on Charpy performing three events, though I'm not sure they have anyone better to take her spot, to be honest. I must also mention that Melanie dos Santos was AWESOME, and her individual all-around score today (56.266) is currently the third best in the world in international competition. She's a threat for an all-around medal at the World Championships for sure! Netherlands was mostly solid, especially van Gerner (yay, I'm so happy for her!). Everything went their way so they could earn the bronze medal. 

And it's time for the British program to reinvent itself if they want to challenge for a world medal. Bad beam rotation aside, none of the girls are up to par to Great Britain's best gymnasts to date. They're average at best, and when you count the USA, China, Russia, Japan and even Canada and Brazil, they're in big trouble for the next World Championships if things don't change.


Nice to see Ukraine in fifth (I said they could surprise) and Italy in sixth (from not going to the final to placing ahead of two teams, this was such a nice improvement). Spain had a couple of mishaps here and there, but still a good competition considering their level, and Hungary did basically what they could (still, nice for them to even make team finals).


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