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[OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2022


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1 hour ago, Makedonas said:

What about Ukraine? They have good odds as well.

Yes, they lead the odds but I don't believe that juries will allow Ukraine to win, they might win televoting in both semifinal and final, but that's all, same about Spain, juries will not place Chanel on high position, instead they will place high Italy, Netherlands and of course Sweden.

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My Top before rehearsals was


1st - :FRA France

2nd - :CYP Cyprus

3rd - :POL Poland

4th - :MNE Montenegro

5th - :GRE Greece

6th - :MDA Moldova

7th - :AUT Austria

8th - :ITA Italy

9th - :LTU Lithuania

10th - :NED Netherlands


But now, after rehearsals (and one day before first semifinal for juries, called dress rehearsal) top is changed for:


1st - :FRA France

2nd - :GRE Greece

3rd - :POR Portugal

4th - :CYP Cyprus

5th - :POL Poland

6th - :MNE Montenegro

7th - :IRL Ireland

8th - :EST Estonia

9th - :NED Netherlands

10th - :LTU Lithuania


with :ISL Iceland being 11th and :GEO Georgia being 12th (that's not joke) and I want see both of them being qualified to Grand Final so badly... 

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I don't understand what the bookies and the people who bet are smoking, :UKR being the biggest favorite ever to win ESC seems so wrong to me. I mean, we just had TISC and Ukraine wasn't even Top20. There is always some political voting at these contests, but ultimately people vote for the songs. And I think Ukraine simply doesn't have a winning song. But maybe I will see it differently during the contest, I don't know. 


Based on the rehearsal clips I would say that :NOR is winning the televote again and they will be stopped by the jury like in 2019. I think either :ITA or :GBR are winning this. But as I said, maybe once I see the full performances I will change my mind. 

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