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Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2021 - 2022


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45 minutes ago, Monzanator said:

Vinatzer chokes! Ryding wins it for :GBR . First ever World Cup victory for them!

Was not expecting that, but Dave finally put together two great runs and the weather did the rest.


He now becomes the second-most famous person to come from Pendle in Lancashire; the most famous being ten people hanged for witchcraft in 1612.

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Very glad for Ryding and the British Alpine program. Always great to see a non-traditional Alpine nation win a race. Ryding got close a couple times, too.


Really it's great to see anyone who started on a dry slope win a world cup race.

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21 hours ago, Ted said:

Give us some details on the Chinese piste.:d

I don't have many...but our tv commentators always say that's a very difficult track that favors the most technical skiers in the speed events...


basically, Brignone should have more chances than Goggia and Shiffrin could really make a clean sweep if she starts all the individual races...


but it's always only about "rumors"...nobody has seen the tracks in person, so it might be very much different from what they're saying right now...


we'll see in 10 days time when the men's training runs start...

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