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Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2021


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48 minutes ago, thepharoah said:

and the Iranian coach increases 11 kilos between 1st and 2nd attempt !

that's pretty normal for our coach :d they always do this for almost everybody. having a low 1st attempt and then jump as much as possible for the next attempts. this time the jump was bigger Dehdar had lifted 219kg before so it wasn't completely out of his reach but not today.


we have a very weak team here in general. I was only expecting one medal at 102kg. (81kg medal was quite surprising) our top weightlifters (Moradi and Rostami) are boycotting the national team :thumbdown: and Olympic silver medalist Davoudi decided to take a break.



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Motamedi underperformed today but still it was good enough for a world title :champion: (thanks to the general level of the competition) we also had a surprise bronze medal.


I think this is it, 3 total medals , 1 G, 1 S and 1 B. there will be no medal for the rest of the team even though I'm looking forward to see 18 years old Alireza Yousefi, he surprised everybody at the 2018 Youth Olympics when he was 15 but got injured after that and this is his comeback.

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12 minutes ago, thiago_simoes said:

This is getting insane. First-ever medals for :MAS, :PAK and :KGZ, first medal in total for :ALB, first gold medal for :KSA, first medal for a female lifter from :BRA.

Seriously, what's going on?

Perhaps you don't really follow the sport I'll say. 


Both Albania (just 2kg) and pakistan were close to medals at Tokyo Olympics. Kyrgyzstan did have a medallist in Rio before doping. Malaysia had a decent squad. Top 5/6 lifters in each category are not here . Korea, Colombia and a few teams are sending the best that's it. 

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