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Swimming at the Aquatics LEN European Championships 2018


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Well, we have chance for 4-9 finals, maybe first time ever :d  Stjepanovic on 200 free, 4x100 free and SIladji at 50 have best chance, but also chance for Stjepanovic on 200m bfly, 100 free, Siladji on 100 breaststroke, Crevar at 400 IM and other two relays.


and btw as expected Sebastian Sabo is not here (in individual disciplines), maybe he will be part of relays We will see.

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:ITA Italian team (with the final races distribution by athlete)



Domenico Acerenza (CC Napoli) 400, 800 + 1500 Free
Filippo Berlincioni (CC Aniene) 200 Fly
Federico Burdisso (Tiro a Volo Nuoto) 100 + 200 Fly
Thomas Ceccon (Fiamme Oro/Leosport) 50 + 100 Back, 200 IM
Matteo Ciampi (Esercito/Nuoto Livorno) 200 Free
Piero Codia (Esercito/CC Aniene) 50 + 100 Fly
Stefano Di Cola (Fiamme Gialle) 200 Free
Luca Dotto (Carabinieri/Larus Nuoto) 50 + 100 Free
Filippo Megli (Carabinieri/FlorentiaNC) 200 Free
Luca Mencarini (Fiamme Oro/CC Aniene) 200 Back
Alessandro Miressi (Fiamme Oro/CN Torino) 50 + 100 Free
Gregorio Paltrinieri (Fiamme Oro/Coopernuoto) 800 + 1500 Free
Alessandro Pinzuti (Cortona Nuoto) 50 + 100 Breast
Luca Pizzini (Carabinieri/Fondazione Bentegodi) 50, 100 + 200 Breast
Alessio Proietti Colonna (Marina Militare/Unicusano Aurelia Nuoto) 4*200 Free relay only
Matteo Restivo (Carabinieri/FlorentiaNC) 200 Back
Matteo Rivolta (Fiamme Oro) 50 + 100 Fly
Simone Sabbioni (Esercito/Swim Pro SS9) 50 + 100 Back
Fabio Scozzoli (Esercito/Imolanuoto) 50 + 100 Breast
Federico Turrini (Esercito/Nuoto Livorno) 200 + 400 IM
Ivano Vendrame (Esercito/Larus Nuoto) 100 Free
Andrea Vergani (Can. Vittorino da Feltre) 50 Free + 50 Fly
Lorenzo Zazzeri (Esercito/FlorentiaNC) 50 + 100 Free
Mattia Zuin (Fiamme Oro/Nottoli Nuoto 74) 200 Free


Ilaria Bianchi (Fiamme Azzurre/NC Azzurra 91) 50, 100 + 200 Fly
Martina Carraro (Fiamme Azzurre/NC Azzurra 91)  50 + 100 Breast
Arianna Castiglioni (Fiamme Gialle/Team Insubrika) 50 + 100 Breast
Ilaria Cusinato (Fiamme Oro/Team Veneto) 200 Fly, 200 + 400 IM
Elena Di Liddo (CC Aniene) 50 + 100 Fly
Francesca Fangio (SMGM Team Lombardia) 200 Breast
Erika Ferraioli (Esercito/CC Aniene)  50 + 100 Free
Sara Franceschi (Fiamme Gialle/Nuoto Livorno) 200 IM
Giada Galizi (Fiamme Oro/Unicusano Aurelia Nuoto) 100 Free
Laura Letrari (Esercito/Bolzano Nuoto) 100 Free
Margherita Panziera (Fiamme Oro/CC Aniene) 100 + 200 Back
Federica Pellegrini (CC Aniene) 100 Free
Anna Pirovano (SMGM Team Lombardia) 200 Breast + 200 IM
Stefania Pirozzi (Fiamme Oro/CC Napoli) 200 + 400 Free
Alessia Polieri (Fiamme Gialle/Imolanuoto) 200 Fly + 400 IM
Simona Quadarella (Fiamme Rosse/CC Aniene) 400, 800 + 1500 Free
Lucrezia Raco (CC Aniene) 50 Free
Silvia Scalia (CC Aniene) 50 + 100 Back
Claudia Tarzia (Esercito/Genova Nuoto) 100 Fly
Carlotta Toni (Esercito/RN Florentia) 200 Back, 200 + 400 IM
Carlotta Zofkova (Marina Militare/Unicusano Aurelia Nuoto) 50 + 100 Back

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:SVK Team Slovakia :SVK




  • Richard Nagy  (200m Fly, 400m FS, 400m IM) 
  • Adam Černek  (50 m Back., 100m Back., 200m Back.)
  • Tomáš Klobučník  (50m Breast., 100m Breast., 200m Breast)
  • Marek Botík  (50m Breast., 100m Breast.)
  • Jozef Beňo  (50m Breast., 100m Breast., 200m Breast)
  • Adam Halas  (100m FS, 50m Fly, 100m Fly)




  • Nikoleta Trníková  (50m Breast., 100m Breast., 200m Breast., 200m IM, 400m IM)
  • Laura Benková  (50m FS, 100m FS, 200m FS)
  • Andrea Podmaníková  (50m Breast., 100m Breast., 200m Breast.)
  • Karolína Hájková  (50m Back., 100m Back., 200m Back.)


No special goals has been presented so far, but 2-3 semifinals would be certainly amazing.



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What do you guys think, which european championships records will go down the next couple of days?

I think on the men's side the 50 free, 200 back, 50 fly, 200 fly, 50/100/200 breast and 200/400 IM records might go down.

On the women's side i would say the 50/100 free and 50/100 fly records might go down (all thanks to Sjöstrom).

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Russian warship, go fuck yourself!

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