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Track Cycling UCI World Championships 2021


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21 minutes ago, Edvid said:

Lambie only started riding track in 2017. He isn't a high-level bunch racer on the track and the only Tokyo 2020 event he'd have been picked for would have been the team pursuit (which the US men did not qualify for).

Well, one would assume he would be very handy for a road time trial. He has raced over 150km on gravel roads.

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He doesn't have a ProCyclingStats profile, though - which means he's not entered any UCI-classified road races or time trials (even national championships), and presumably has never belonged to a WorldTour or ProSeries trade team either. Both are pre-requisites for would-be road cycling Olympians from mid/high-level nations.


As for today, though - timings suggest he's good for a rainbow jersey tonight. He did benefit from a draft towards the end but Jonathan Milan got two catches in his qualifying ride.

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1 hour ago, Dunadan said:

Never make your bike too noticeable or it will get stolen at the train station velodrome, that's a beginner lesson




Hmmm...embedding posts doesn't work anymore.



Sadly the old Dutch trick of using a half-broken 30 year old bike as your 'stationsfiets' ('train station bike') won't work well for high-performance, I'm afraid :( 


But yeah, that's awful. I'm sure the data to recreate them is all there, so that's no problem, but other than emotional value those things are monstrously expensive..twenty bikes, hundreds of thousands of euros in total costs.


Makes you wonder, considering the amount of times these things happen, maybe they should bring at least their 'main' bike to the hotel room or something..

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