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Track Cycling UCI World Championships 2021


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2 hours ago, heywoodu said:

Everyone just casually thinking "oh sure, this'll be fine, let's not chase her" when Fidanza attacked :lol:


Nice to see the men's team sprint be a bit close for a moment, although in the just wasn't :p 

Lavreysen is a sneaky little ruiner :mad:

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2 minutes ago, SalamAkhi said:

Will UCI ever consider broadcasting ALL of the World Championships ? Want to see some Keirin ? Right we've got : First round, Repêchages, Second Round, Finals:facepalm:

Can't wait for Ganna and Lambie going for superb times in the unbroadcasted qualifying.

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2 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Wow, how did Gros give it away twice against Genest? Those were amateur moves, she simply opened the door and off she went :yikes: 

She's not showing any sign of tactical progression :wall:

But paradoxically, her best achievements are in Keirin, where you would think tactics play a bigger part ... maybe something to do with her gear ratio ?

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