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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2021


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9 minutes ago, dcro said:

Will there be any update(s) on how many have voted? :d

Hey yes this evening I’ll update and today I’ll start my new idea that took me wayyyy to long but I thinks it’s nice..

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It took me plenty of time to search and find but today I’ll start my new idea until the start of the parade, My idea is basically me wanting to show you where you can go what to eat and etc.. In Israel and maybe find a bit of your country in Israel



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Sooo we will start with…


 well there are 20,000 Israeli-Argentinian here and spreading across the country with the fact that a huge part of the young people here speaking Spanish at some level while learning it as kids from shows like Casi ángeles for the younger ones and Chiquititas for the more adults, there was a time here when Argentinian Tv shows were the most popular thing to see.

So you can speak to people but what about eating?

well besides having great amount of meat restaurants based on the way you make it in Argentina, both Israel and Argentina are the only 2 states with a Kosher McDonald’s so if you in to fast food…

where to go 

Argentina has its embassy in Herzliya where there is also pretty big Argentinian community. 
So with a big plan for a game of Argentina in Israel (football) soon and a giant love for Boca juniors and River Plate and of course for Diego Sebastián Schwartzman you can find a bit of Argentina here in Israel 

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