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Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2021


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  • Sindo changed the title to Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2021

Once again some stuff going on about Patrick Lefevere's....behaviour. During yesterday's Belgian talk show, he was basically shitfaced drunk, not at all the first time during a public appearance. The host at the end, when raising the glass to a good day (with Lefevere's glass being the only basically empty one): "And well, I was going to say that what's still in the glass shows us who drank the most, but...."


Dude must have easily taken one or two bottles before, during and probably after the broadcast. Rambling, barely making any sense, hard to even understand what he was saying. Lefevere being Lefevere.


Assuming most people here don't understand Dutch, and I do: I can barely understand more of what he's saying than you do :lol:



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1 hour ago, Agger said:

Oh the emotions seeing Price-Pejtersen winning the gold!

I like those guys who stand behind the finishing line going “Slow down now, slow down now.” :cycling:


For those of you who don’t know Bruges, these scenes of emotion, tension & drama at taking place at what is normally the west-bound platform of the bus station.

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13 hours ago, Grassmarket said:

Belgian fans when the Dutch are medal favourites are :sleep:

And also because you really, really can't compare general interest for the women's event with that for the men's event. Especially when the women's event is during a regular working day and the men's event is on primetime Sunday.


It was a great time trial and awesome battle between Van Dijk and Reusser though, what a show! Time trials so far are being fantastic, curious what today will bring.

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