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Final Standing available here


ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b.jpg.4a05d2852188ff96f934faa5edf1d813.jpg :wBRA: juliosilva
5a91983c5af54_ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b-Copy.jpg.034592cc412660cfe59ff1ce89ac476f.jpg  :wNED: heywoodu
ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b - Copy (2).jpg :wBRA: titicow 



It will be a very short presentation of the three medallists. A big congratulation to all three medallists of this prediction contest. @juliosilva with the gold medal, @heywoodu with the silver medal and @titicowwith the bronze medal.

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Okay a little correction regarding to when the final standing of the Olympic Bet Contest will be published. It will take a bit longer than I expected. I will probably come out later this week and not tomorrow. I will tomorrow try to publish an updated version of the Medal Tables and General Standings. Also, on Friday I will open the Women's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2021 Prediction Contest. The championship will begin one week later. 

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Updated General Standings and Medal Tables available here



2021 Totallympics Prediction Contests

Provisional Top 3

As of August 10th (14 contests)


ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b.jpg.4a05d2852188ff96f934faa5edf1d813.jpg :wBRA: juliosilva  7845
5a91983c5af54_ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b-Copy.jpg.034592cc412660cfe59ff1ce89ac476f.jpg :wITA: Henry_Leon 5410
ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b - Copy (2).jpg  :wFRA: toulousain


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Hey fellow Totallympians


I have an announcement to make about my role as Prediction Contest manager and the future of prediction contests. From the beginning of the next year, I would like to step down as sole Prediction Contest manager. As my time at the university is coming to and, I would like to focus more of my time on applying for job positions from the beginning of next year. Also one of the reason behind my decisions is that I have been much less active in the threads since I became Prediction Contest manager. Especially during the Olympics with five prediction contests which took most of my time during the day. I felt quite stressed during that period. But I knew the period would be short and end a couple of weeks later. For Beijing 2022 I definitely need some help, as there would probably be more predicton contests than during Tokyo. I know my life will change with more time focused on applying for a job position. Plus I have a personal life that means everything to me and I would like more time for that. 

I plan to still be part of the prediction contest group, but I would mostly only be able to manage 1 contest per month. I would therefore like to ask if someone or more people  on the forum could be interested in being my co-manager/s from the beginning of 2022. I would guide the person/people in how to run the prediction contests. Make prediction design, etc... And by time, that person/people will take over the role as manager/s.



I hope by getting a co-manager/s, and by time stepping more down, I will find a balance to both manage my work and private life. Also additionally, have more time to be active on this forum in other ways. My passion is athletics and I want to be more active in that thread and also have time for especially winter sports who also gives me great pleasure to follow. 


In short, I would like to seek for one or more co-managers at first by the beginning of next year. If anyone is interested to become co-manager or hear more about it, you can send me a PM and we can talk about it. :)


I hope there will be at least someone who would like to take over my role by time. I really enjoy these prediction contest and I know many really appreciate the work me and all those before me have made to make these contests possible. I hope these contests can continue to bring together the community on Totallympics. 


That's all from me,


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