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Final Standing available here


ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b.jpg.4a05d2852188ff96f934faa5edf1d813.jpg :wFRA: toulousain 
5a91983c5af54_ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b-Copy.jpg.034592cc412660cfe59ff1ce89ac476f.jpg  :wPOL: Monzanator 
ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b - Copy (2).jpg :wDEN: Agger 



The third prediction contest of this season has now been contested. Yet again it was three predictors, @toulousain, @Monzanator, @Agger, who all won their first medal in 2021. Big congratulation to all three medallists.


One of last season top predictors, @toulousain, is back on top of the podium. With one of three perfect predictions, the French predictor secured himself yet another gold medal to his Totallympics Prediction Contests collection. A huge congratulation with the gold medal! :champion:

Poland secured their second medal here in February with @Monzanator getting the silver medal. Like toulousain, Monzanator was one of the few with a perfect prediction. He was very close to winning a medal in the Men's Handball WCH prediction contest earlier this year. With now his first medal of 2021, he is looking to once again competing for one of the top spots overall. Congrats with the silver medal. :thumbup:

As the predictor with the most correct predicted gold medallists @Agger secured a bronze medal and a 3rd place in the overall standing. The Danish predictor had a great 2020 in Totallympics Prediction Contests. Maybe this the first of many for the Dane this season. Congratulation with the bronze medal. :hatoff:


Here are some honourable mentions. Firstly, a big congratulation with the 4th place to @Gianlu33. Not far from medal fro the Italian predictor, but the 4th place is just outside the prestigious medals. However a very good contest overall for him. In 5th place comes @tuniscof, The last of the predictors besides the top 2 who scored a perfect prediction. He took a big jump up the standing in the last days and got himself a noteworthy 5th place. The last honourable mention goes to anfamiliar name here in the start of 2021. Once again a top place for @juliosilva with a 6th place in the final standing. If he continues to get these great results, his chances to claim a podium spot overall for 2021 are good.


Lastly, thank you to all who participated in this prediction contests. One prediction contest left in February and then it's on to March. In the prediction contest poll for March, the short track speed skating WCHs and the figure skating WCHs ended with equal votes.  I will make a decision this week which contest it will be. The prediction contest calendar will be updated soon with the prediction contests for the upcoming months.


That's all from me, your prediction contest manager, Wumo. :) 

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I really would have liked to see a bet contest for the Nordic skiing world championships. This was always my favorite kind of prediction contest. Hopefully we will have something like that for the next Olympics.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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47 minutes ago, OlympicsFan said:

I really would have liked to see a bet contest for the Nordic skiing world championships. This was always my favorite kind of prediction contest. Hopefully we will have something like that for the next Olympics.

We will definitely have a bet contest for the Olympics. :)  

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On 18/02/2021 at 17:03, Wumo said:

Notice! Due to the warm weather conditions, the sprint races have been moved to an earlier time. The deadline is now February 25th, 9:00 (GMT +1)

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