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Athletics IAAF World Cup 2018


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Participating Nations : :GER  :RSA:POL  :USA:GBR:CHN:FRA:JAM






Saturday 14 July

Time Sex Event
18:45 Womens Pole Vault
19:00 Womens Hammer Throw
19:30 Mens Triple Jump
19:40 Mens Shot Put
20:00 Womens 400m Hurdles
20:05 Mens Discus
20:18 Womens 400m
20:27 Mens 200m
20:37 Mens 110m Hurdles
20:42 Mens High Jump
20:44 Womens Long Jump
20:48 Womens 1500m
21:08 Mens 800m
21:15 Womens Javelin
21:20 Womens 100m
21:32 Womens 4 x 400m Relay
21:45 Mens 4 x 100m Relay

Event timetable is subject to change.

Sunday 15 July

Time Sex Event
18:45 Mens Pole Vault
19:00 Mens Hammer Throw
19:30 Womens Triple Jump
19:40 Womens Shot Put
20:00 Mens 400m
20:05 Womens Discus
20:18 Mens 400m Hurdles
20:27 Womens 200m
20:37 Womens 100m Hurdles
20:42 Womens High Jump
20:44 Mens Long Jump
20:48 Mens 1500m
21:08 Womens 800m
21:15 Mens Javelin
21:20 Mens 100m
21:30 Womens 4 x 100m Relay
21:42 Mens 4 x 400m Relay
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14 minut temu, bestmen napisał:

too bad that Kenya is not in

i'll support RSA


Kenya can't be there by their latest problems with doping and they don't have enough much good athletes in field events.

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