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Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018


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We're sending over a very small team, some of our athletes were really screwed up that the results from last summer season were not elegible as qualification marks.


In our team, there's a Discus Thrower Martynas Alekna, the eldest son of Olympic Champion Virgilijus Alekna.

Urtė Bačianskaitė for Heptathlon, she was the bronze medalist last year in the U18 World Championships. She's also entering in Shot Put.

Gabija Galvydytė, 400m. Hurdles, she was 4th in the U18 World Championships last year, but this year she has had problems with injuries.

Urtė Baikštytė, High Jump, silver medalist in the U18 European Championships 2016, but hasn't been looking that great ever since.

Akvilė Andriukaitytė, 200m., started breaking Lithuanian U20 records this year and looking pretty great for at least a semi-final.

Lastly, Rūta Okulič-Kazarinaitė (400m. Hurdles) and Austėja Kavaliauskaitė 10.000m. Walk - both have entered all of the championships of the prior age groups, but neither have reached any significant results.

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I am hoping :SRI wins its first ever World Juniors Medal. They have a top 5 400m runner, their 4x400 relay team is quite good and could challenge for a medal and their 3000m steeplechase runner has the world lead time in the 2000m version of the event.

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Croatia with a very small team this time:


Sandra Srut, 3000m steeple, a PB would be great, everything else a sensation

Marija Tolj, discus, originally big candidate for a medal, but she was injured several weeks and made her return last week with 49m, 
I guess under this circumstances final would be great


Filip Mrcic, high jump, final would be great, but i doubt, i would be happy if he jumps his PB

Marko Ceko, long jump, his discipline is a lottery, but he could make the final, has the 7th result

Marino Bloudek, 800m, European junior champion, if the races are not too fast, he could be in the final and then you never know

Sven Cepus, 800m, semifinal is the limit i guess


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for :SVK  9 athletes (1+8 !!!) and 3 of the girls will compete only in the relay :lol:  ofc no big expectations, one final would be huge, the biggest chance should be for Gabriela Gajanová, 2 times bronze medalist at last years European Juniors and two years back at U18 Europeans in 800m



Adrián Baran (Shot Put)


Emma Zapletalová (400m or 400m Hurdles  +  4 x 400 m Relay)

Gabriela Gajanová (800 m)

Monika Zavilinská (High Jump)

Hana Burzalová (10 000 m Race Walk)

Ema Hačundová (10 000 m Race Walk)

Miriam Cidoríková (4 x 400 m Relay)

Mária Šimlovičová (4 x 400 m Relay)

Sophia Zápotočná (4 x 400 m Relay)

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Shukh is going to compete in Heptathlon and JT. Sis, miss you in HJ sector ... :cry:


Mahuchikh skips this competition because she needs to rest until YOG preparations start.

Can't wait to see Kokhan again.

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@prso1000 @hckosice I see that it's a common tendency in this years U20 to have a small team. They changed up the rules and the qualification period did not start January 1st 2017 as usual, but actually started after the Summer season, from October 1st 2017. This left three of our athletes that had a qualifying mark result last summer back at home, because they couldn't repeat the performance. Our decathletes, one had 1 competition to start in, whilst the other had 2 and same thing for our heptathletes. Other, slightly luckier disciplines had all in all 4-5 chances to start, some were luckier (those U20 that are better than the seniors). Lastly, our national U20 championship was held on the day for entry finalisation, so no results counted from there. This qualification period was a total mess, we were totally capable of sending at least 5 additional people if this summer season didn't end just when it started.

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