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Para Athletics at the Summer Paralympic Games 2020


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11 hours ago, vinipereira said:

The jury didn't show any video evidence to our committee regarding the annulment of his best marks. Worse, he gave up his last throw because he already won... and 11 hours later this happens. This is probably the most commented Paralympics-related thing in Brazil, people are outraged.

Yeah, I noticed this, but got annoyed that not a single news site or blog or whatever mentioned anything more than "China filed a protest and it was accepted" :p 


I did see later that China tried protesting several times during the competition, but the referees didn't accept it. They then went higher up, as is their right, and of course that process takes a bit longer (sadly). One can definitely assume the Brazilian did break some rule and the fault lies with him, but it is very bad - to say the least - that the video on which the decision was based isn't shown anywhere or at least to the Brazilians.


On a more positive note, we were happy to cheer Thomaz to 400m silver :cheer: 


My earlier comment about a winter medal was mistaken, he has apparently mostly given up the skiing, since athletics ends up giving him much more money (although every actual Olympian/Paralympian in Brazil gets quite a decent base salary, simply competing in any event will already give you 3000 reais per month for four years). I was confused with Cristian Ribera in the sit skiing, who is going for a medal in Beijing.

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Peter Genyn :BEL defended his Paralympic 100m title earlier this week, but that was quite something....shortly before the race, when he got to his racing wheelchair, there were three (!) flat tyres and a broken frame, which could only mean a rival (or someone related of course) actively went and sabotaged his wheelchair :yikes: 


Good that whatever loser it was didn't win :cheer: 

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