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Men's Basketball FIBA European Championship 2022


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Wtf, are we cursed, or something? :d This is the third draw after EURO2020 and the women's handball Olympic tournament where we get a really difficult group. And we always get :FRA


Group B - :FRA  :LTU  :SLO  :GER  :HUN  :BIH


Yikes, RIP.


The other groups:


Group A - :ESP  :RUS  :TUR  :GEO  :BEL  :BUL


Group C - :GRE  :ITA  :CRO  :UKR  :EST  :GBR 


Group D - :SRB  :CZE  :POL  :FIN  :ISR  :NED 

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I really hope Greece can return to the medals here. I can't believe that our senior team has not won a medal since Eurobasket 2009!


It's actually crazy but we've had a lot of disappointing results since then. At the 2010 World Cup we played Spain in the round of 16, while at the previous World Cup we played Spain in the final. At the 2014 World Cup, we won our group (beat teams like Argentina and Croatia) but lost in the round of 16 to Serbia, who ended up making the final. The other teams who won their groups had easy draws, we had to play Serbia. At Eurobasket 2015 we won our group (beat hosts Croatia for example) and beat Belgium in the round of 16 but lost a very close match against Spain in the quarterfinals. Of course Spain ended up winning the tournament.


It also doesn't help that we are always missing several key players for big tournaments very often in the last decade or so.



I think this can be a very good Greek roster IF everyone is healthy and shows up:

Guards: Sloukas, Calathes, Dorsey, Larentzakis

Forwards: G.Antetokounmpo, Papapetrou, Mitoglou, T.Antetokounmpo, Papanikolaou

Centres: Papagiannis, K.Antetokounmpo


That is only 11 players so I would give the last spot to another forward probably, either Printezis (he will be 37 so that is why I didn't include him because I'm not sure if he will still play for the national team, plus he seems to be declining, although he might want to play one last time after he had to miss Olympic qualifying due to injury), or Kalaitzakis (he is playing for the Bucks but so far only appeared in 5/14 games for them). 


Other than that, no one else really stands out and there are dozens of other players that can be in contention for any position if some of these guys aren't available.


We could also probably use another centre otherwise, but Koufos is now in the NBA G League and he has really declined the last few years (despite not being that old yet), and I don't think Mantzoukas (our big young talent) will be ready as he is only 18 and barely plays for Panathinaikos.

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